Another news in the interest of farmers , the government will provide Rs. Grant up to 63 thousand

Another news in the interest of farmers

Groundwater levels have declined in many districts of Rajasthan, leading to summer drought-like conditions in these places. Due to lack of water, farmers cannot irrigate their crops and suffer huge losses. Keeping in view the problems of the farmers, Rajasthan Government is running the Farm Pond Scheme. Under which farmers are given a grant to build a pond in the field.

The objective of the scheme is to ensure that farmers get adequate amount of water for agriculture and rainwater can also be harvested. Farmers who want to build a pond in their farm can take advantage of this scheme to construct a pond at a low cost. An amount ranging from 60 to 90 thousand is given as assistance under the scheme. Taking advantage of this scheme, farmers in various districts of Rajasthan are making ponds in their fields. Due to which the irrigation problem in the fields is getting relief during summer. Let’s know about this scheme.

1) Under the Farm Pond Scheme being run by the Government of Rajasthan, farmers are being given 60 to 70 percent subsidy for constructing a pond in their farm.

2) Under the scheme, funds are provided to small and marginal farmers for construction of green and plastic lined farm ponds and paddy ponds.

3) 1200 cubic meter raw and plastic lined ponds can be prepared under the scheme.

4) According to the scheme a maximum grant of 63 thousand rupees is given for construction of new farm ponds and a maximum grant of 90 thousand rupees is given for construction of ponds with plastic lining work.

Who can avail the scheme-

To avail the scheme, the applicant must be a resident of the state. All categories of farmers can avail this scheme. Farmers should have 0.3 hectares of agricultural land. If the land is less than this, the benefits of the scheme will not be given. Such farmers who do not have their own land, but have been cultivating land on lease for the last 7 years or more, can avail the benefit of this scheme. If there are joint account holders then construction of separate ponds is allowed in the same dhasra. But the farmer’s share should be more than 1 hectare.

Documents required for application-

The applying farmers have to provide land certificate, Aadhaar card, bank pass book, original residence certificate, deposit, details of irrigated and non-irrigated land.

How to Apply

3 Interested farmers can apply online to avail the scheme. For this you have to go to the website. There you can apply for the scheme by filling the information provided in the application form. Apart from this, you can also apply by going to the nearest e-Mitra center.

For more information you can get information from the concerned agriculture office at the district level. You can contact Agriculture Inspector at Gram Panchayat level and Agriculture Officer at Panchayat Committee level.

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