LIC’s new kanyadan policy under which you will get 27 lakh rupees at the time of your daughter’s marriage

LIC’s new kanyadan policy

LIC’s new kanyadan policy under which you will get 27 lakh rupees at the time of daughter’s marriage: India’s largest insurance company LIC has launched the LIC kanyadan policy to invest the marriage of daughters for education. Anyone can invest for their daughter’s marriage through this college started by LIC company.

LIC’s new kanyadan policy The scheme is for 25 years and it is required to save Rs 121 per day under this scheme. Also you have to pay a premium of 3600 rupees. But through this policy people have to pay premium for 22 years then LIC Kanyadan policy after completion of 25 years you are given 27 lakh rupees by LIC policy.

LIC Kanyadaan Policy

Under LIC Kanyadan Policy Scheme 2022, anyone who wants to take this policy can take this policy for 13 years to 25 years and will have to pay the premium for less than three years of the chosen term. Any person can take insurance for a minimum of one lakh rupees.

LIC’s new kanyadan policy Dear friends today through this article we are going to tell complete information about Kanyadaan Policy 2022 launched by LIC Company. In which we will tell the application process, required documents, eligibility and other information in Gujarati language.

LIC Kanyadaan Policy – Highlights

Name of the articleLIC Kanyadaan Policy Scheme 2022
startedBy Life Insurance Corporation of India
Registration processOnline
BeneficiaryCitizens of the country
benefit27 lakhs will be given after the expiry of the policy.
Policy term13 years and 25 years

Eligibility to avail this policy

LIC’s new kanyadan policy Any citizen friends who want to apply for Kanyadaan policy are required to fulfill the criteria laid down by India, their criteria are given below.

Individuals between 18 to 50 years can apply for this LIC policy.

This policy can be purchased only by father of daughters.

The maximum sum assured is unlimited during the crop term of this policy.

Any father who wants to buy this lic kanyadan policy for his daughters must be one year old.

The minimum sum assured at the time of maturity of this insurance is required to be 10 lakh rupees.

The term of this policy is three years more than the premium paying term.

If the term of the Kanyadan policy is 15 years, then the policy states that the premium has to be paid within 12 years only.

Intention to release LIC Kanyadaan Policy

LIC’s new kanyadan policy The main purpose of Kanyadaan policy is to save for daughter’s marriage and Bharatiya Janata Vimana has been designed to invest in any daughter’s marriage so that people can invest in this scheme and earn good money. The main purpose of this policy is to relieve financial worries.

Benefits available under LIC Kanyadaan Policy

Following are the benefits of LIC Kanyadan Policy Scheme 2022.

The premium payment in this LIC policy is now limited.

The repayment term in this policy is three years less than the policy term.

Among insurance plans, this is a profitable endowment insurance plan.

If an applicant dies during the term of this policy then 10% is paid every insurance year up to one year before the maturity date of their policy.

Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual premium options are available under this policy.

LIC’s new kanyadan policy The tenure of this LIC Kanyadan policy is between 13 to 25 years.

If a Kanyadan policy holder dies, the additional benefit of this policy will be eligible for their family members.

This policy can be opted for coverage of six 10, 15 and 20 years.

Some Features of LIC Kanyadaan Policy

This LIC Kanyadan policy offers protection of financial independence for the daughter.

The policy provides protection against life insurance for a fixed period of three years before maturity.

No premium is paid to you if the father dies to a daughter.

10 lakh rupees immediately in case of accidental death.

LIC’s new kanyadan policy The insured will receive a lump sum payment when the Kanyadan policy insurance matures.

₹5,00,000 is payable immediately in case of natural or non-accidental death.

At the time of insurance maturity, the full crop amount is made available.

People who are not residing in India can also benefit from this scheme.

Kanyadaan policy is a policy with many similarities with LIC’s Laksh policy.

Required supporting evidence for applying in this scheme

LIC’s new kanyadan policy Any citizen friends who are applying in this police will need the following documents during the application which list is given below.

A recent passport size photograph

Identification card

Income certificate

aadhar card

Address proof

Check or cash for payment of first premium

Birth and Certificate

LIC’s new kanyadan policy Duly filled and signed form for proposal of scheme.

Procedure to Apply in LIC Kanyadaan Policy Scheme

Any citizen friends who want to apply for LIC Kanyadaan Policy can avail the benefits of this Kanyadaan Policy by following the steps given below.

To apply for LIC Kanyadan policy first visit the nearest LIC office.

Then get the complete information about LIC Kanyadaan Policy from the official through that office.

Then after getting the information from the officer select the required document as well as the policy that suits you.

Then fill the application form for this policy.

Attach all the required documents with this form and submit the application form to the concerned authority.

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