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Palak Mata pita Yojana

The government has started implementing the theme from 1978 on the basis of the adoptive parents’ theme, by raising them in an alternative family, keeping them in an institutional surroundings rather than raising such destitute orphan youngsters in a holistic and balanced way.

Standard Chart: – under this scheme, all orphan children belonging to the age group of 0 to 18 years older and kids whose parents don’t exist, will be eligible for profit. the kids whose father is dead and also the mother has remarried, can have to submit wedding certificate on the matter of remarriage of the mother.

Assistance Rate- Monthly Rs.3,000 / – (Rupees 3 Thousand Full) monthly help will be paid to the foster oldsters or shut relatives who look after the orphan youngsters.

Palak Mata Pita Yojana conditions –

Beneficiary seekers to be raised by the adoptive parents shall be placed in Anganwadi for youngsters aged three vi|to six} and kids within the age of 6 years should tend obligatory college education. If the child’s study is stopped, help will be stopped.

Palak Mata pita Yojana Details the children aiming to Anganwadi, certificate of relevant bug for ICDS (Integrated kid Development Plan) and certificate of related to college for children aiming to college will be submitted by fifteenth July once a year.

Palak Mata pita ni Yojana nu Arji form (Application Form)

Palak Mata pita Yojana Government has started one amongst the best theme for all the youngsters who has lost their father and mother. Government pays approx Rs 3000 Monthly to those child’s for education.This theme is on the market for 0 to 18 years of kids. Specially advice to those those who are taking care of such kid.Parents oldsters set up kid Balance, kid wedding, kid wedding parents Parental oldsters should pay Rs. 3000 / – for youngsters beneath the age of Rs. 3,000 / – for folks and kids. oldsters will be eligible for the annual income of 27000 and should be 36000.

Documents required for application
No-1 : Birth certificate of orphan child

No-2 : Death certificate of parents

No-3 : If the mother is alive and has remarried, a certificate from a government officer attesting that the mother has remarried.

No-4 : Bonafide certificate of the child’s school (Certificate that the child is studying)

No-5 : Bank account details of the child (On approval of the application, an order will be issued whereby the foster parents can open a joint bank account with the child.)

No-6 : Example of annual income of foster parents

No-7 : Copy of Aadhaar Card, Election Card and Ration Card of foster parents.

No-8 : Photo of foster parent with child.

No-9 : Certificate from Chief Officer in Talati or Municipal Area that the child is being cared for by the applicant parents.

More info Palak Mata pita Yojana Contact on Below Address:

Gujarat State child Protection Society

Block number 19, 3rd Floor,

Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Sector 10,

Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Phone: 079 – 232 42521/23

Fax:       079 – 232 42522


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Palak Mata pita Yojana

No.1 : Paripatra  = G.R Page 1 // G.R Page 2

No.2 : Balak metal Palak Mata pita Sahay Arji form Pdf

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