SIM Card Rule 2023 SIM Card Info Pro

SIM Card Rule 2023

SIM Card Info gives you all information on your SIM Card. SIM Card Info supports Dual SIM smartphones if they run on an Android version superior or equal to API 22 (Lollipop 5.1). Information is displayed through 3 or 4 tabs. Indeed, you have at least one tab for SIM 1 and a tab for SIM 2 if your device has Dual SIM support

SIM Card Rule 2023 SIM Card Info Pro

A Device tab is offered and displays static information on your smartphone or tablet like Board value, Manufacturer, Brand, Display code, Hardware of the device, or the Bootloader used. Finally, the SIM Contacts tab lets you discover all the Contacts saved in your SIM Card. With a long touch on a Contact, you can copy the number associated in your clipboard.

SIM Card Info is a quick and simple app that displays all the information stored on the SIM card of your device. It lets you quickly access information about your device sim cards, network status, device information, and the data stored on the primary sim card. It aims to be clean and simple to use and provides a multitude of information on your device’s sim cards. You can copy sim number into the phone, make a call and messages, add a new contact number to the sim card, delete, and modify your sim contact numbers easily.

According to DoT if a complaint is received against a mobile number from a law enforcement agency or a bank or any other financial institution. So outgoing calls of such SIMs were ordered to be stopped within 5 days and incoming calls within 10 days.

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