What is “Android System WebView” in Mobile?

What is “Android System WebView” in Mobile

Friends, you must have seen many applications in your Android phone which are never deleted but are very useful .

You must have seen an app called ” Android System WebView ” in your Android mobile . Have you ever wondered what is this app, what is it for? In this post you are going to get information about this.

What is Android System WebView? – What is Android System WebView? In Gujarati

Friends, Android System WebView is a part of the Android operating system through which any external content (External Content) like a link website etc. is to be opened in any Android mobile app , then this ” Android System WebView ” is used. .

When you use an app you often see a link to a website etc. in that app, when you click on that link the website opens in ” Android System WebView ” within the app itself instead of opening it in an external browser .

This Android system WebView is based on an open source project called ” Chromium ” created by Google. Chrome browser is also built by Chromium itself.

Why Need Android System WebView?

  • Every app developer uses this feature to keep their users in their app .
  • Due to this android system webview the user does not have to go to any browser, the content is loaded quickly , the external content is loaded in the app itself .
  • You can find this function in applications like Twitter Facebook Google App YouTube etc.
  • User gets a good experience in any app .
  • The user does not have to wait much .

Due to these reasons Android system webview is required.

Should this android system webview be removed from mobile?

We can’t ” Uninstall ” Android System Webview from mobile because this app is a system app, but you can turn it off.

But when you close this system app , this feature will not work in many apps and due to that your experience will be bad in those apps .

This is why you should keep this system app running for yourself .

I hope you enjoyed today’s Android System WebView information, you learned something new.

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