What is Truecolor? How does Truecaller make money?

Friends, what would you do if you get a call from a stranger on your phone and you don’t know that person’s name? How would your experience be if you got to know the name of a stranger while receiving a call ?

Today we will talk about the Truecaller platform which shows you the name of the owner of that number when you receive a call from an unknown phone number.

At first it may seem like magic but if you read this post you will get a better idea what is this “Truecaller” and how it tells you the names of persons talking behind unknown numbers, so let’s find out.

What is Truecolor?

Truecaller is a mobile application that provides features like identifying unknown mobile numbers blocking spam numbers instantly , sending messages to numbers blacklisting unwanted SMS, etc. so that any user can easily manage their calls.

If we know Truecaller in short, it is an app that tells you who is calling you on your number and even if that number is saved in your phone or not, Truecaller tells you the name of the owner of that number.

When was Truecaller launched?

Truecaller was launched on 1 July 2009 .

Who founded Truecaller?

Truecaller was started in 2009 by two engineering students , Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi .

How does Truecaller work?

Whenever anyone installs the Truecaller app on their smartphone, the Truecaller app asks your smartphone for many permissions , such as to make calls , to send messages , to access the camera to record calls, to save in your phone To see the number done etc.,

Once you give all these permissions to Truecaller, Truecaller stores your phone data in its servers , like all the mobile numbers you have saved in your smartphone, with the name Truecaller.

In this way , if Truecaller is installed in the phone of as many people, then Truecaller will start storing the mobile number saved in their phone in its server .

Now when a new person installs the Truecaller app and gets a call from an unknown person, the first thing Truecaller will do is check in its server whether this number is there or not, under which name is this number saved? Truecaller will display the name of the number saved multiple times along with the unknown number to the Truecaller user .

This method is called crowdsourcing , Truecaller takes the mobile number and name from our phone and shows it to other people.

What if someone doesn’t have the Truecaller app installed on their phone?

Now you may have a question in your mind that ” If a person has not installed Truecaller in their phone till date or if the phone does not have Truecaller at all then how can Truecaller check that person’s number and name?”

Truecaller also has a solution to this problem , even though Truecaller is not stored in that person’s phone, but this person’s number will be saved with the name in the phone of his friends or relatives and if the Truecaller app is installed in the phone of this person’s friends and relatives, then Truecaller will be their contact. While taking the list, this person’s number will also be stored in its server.

How does the Truecaller app earn money?

  • When you use truecaller you see a lot of ads , even when someone calls your phone, truecaller shows you that person’s name and below it you also see an advertisement , then truecaller earns money by showing these ads to the user.
  • In Truecaller you also get some additional features which you don’t get to use for free , you have to pay to use these features , thus Truecaller earns its premium subscription as well.
  • Truecaller also provides professional services to many businesses and marketing companies , in which those businesses and marketing companies are given additional features in Truecaller and they can also reach their customers through Truecaller and through which they earn more.

Thus Truecaller earns money in many different ways.

Key Features of Truecaller

  • With Truecaller you can know the name of an unknown number before you pick up the phone.
  • You will be able to instantly block calls from schemes, marketing, fraud etc.
  • You can also send text messages through the Truecaller app.
  • You don’t see ads in Truecaller Premium.
  • With Truecaller Premium you will know who has viewed your Truecaller profile.

These are the many features you find in Truecaller and if you buy the premium version of Truecaller you get more new features.

Truecaller is known for letting you know the name behind an unknown number, this feature is free so you don’t have to worry.

Friends, hope you find today’s information about Truecaller useful and share this information with your friends.

Thank you very much until we see you in a new post.

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