What is YouTube’s business model ? How does YouTube make money? | Youtube Business Model

500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute and 250 million users come to watch videos every month. A total of billions of hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day.

YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming platform and YouTube is the world’s second most used search engine after Google.

Today we will learn about YouTube, how YouTube earns money, how it works. (Youtube Business Model in Gujarati)

What is YouTube? – What is Youtube?

YouTube is a video streaming platform where anyone can upload videos and watch videos. Videos are uploaded on YouTube in different categories and the number of viewers is also very high.

YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim on February 14, 2005, and in October 2006, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion, and YouTube has been owned by Google ever since.

How does YouTube work? – How Youtube Works?
Now let’s know how YouTube works.

There are three types of people on YouTube: Creators, Viewers and Advertisers.

Creators: Creators are people who create and upload videos on YouTube. A creator creates his own channel on YouTube and makes videos on his favorite topics.

Viewers: Viewers are people who come to watch videos on YouTube. Different types of videos are uploaded by creators on YouTube and viewers watch their videos giving viewers an opportunity to learn something new, learn and connect with new creators.

Advertisers: Advertisers are the people who run ads on YouTube. Advertiser A business man or individuals who want to market their products or sell their products online through YouTube.

Now YouTube knows who the viewers are on YouTube, what videos they watch, what their age is, what their interests are, what state or country they live in.

YouTube collects all this data and advertisers run ads on YouTube by selecting the target audience for their product.

For example, if an advertiser wants to market biscuits, the advertiser will tell YouTube to show my ads to viewers who like biscuits, who watch videos about biscuits. (This will make the ad reach only those people who are interested in the biscuit and can buy it, thereby increasing the sale of the biscuit.)

Once there are people making videos on YouTube, then people watching videos on YouTube, and advertisers come to market where the people are.

Thus, when an advertiser runs ads related to their product on YouTube, the advertiser has to pay money to YouTube, some money is kept by YouTube itself and the other money is given to the creators of the video, which earns YouTube itself and the person making the video also earns the video. Once the creator is happy, he uploads more videos on YouTube.

This is how YouTube works, YouTube itself does not create any videos. YouTube is made by people like us and watched by people like us, and ads are run by people like us and big brand companies.

How does YouTube make money? – How Youtube Earns Money?

  1. Advertisements – Advertisement
    On YouTube we see different types of ads on the homepage, when we open the video, at the bottom while watching the video and in between while watching the video, when we search for a video on YouTube.

So whatever these ads run on YouTube, YouTube gets money to run these ads on its platform.

  1. Youtube Premium – Youtube Premium
    YouTube has a premium plan in which if you want extra features on YouTube, you can enjoy those extra features by paying certain monthly charges to YouTube.

Like you have to pay 129/per month for youtube you don’t see any ads on youtube, you can download videos offline, you don’t see any ads even while listening to songs on youtube, you open any other app along with youtube Even then you can watch that YouTube video in a small screen.

Such features are found in YouTube Premium.

Many people know the value of their time and buy YouTube Premium to avoid ads and waste their time watching ads and benefit them and YouTube.

  1. YouTube Channel Membership – Youtube Channel Membership
    Many YouTube channels enable a membership feature in their channel where the channel’s subscribers pay the channel monthly and join their membership plan.

This allows the channel to create special videos that can only be viewed by subscribers who have subscribed to their membership plan, and in this the subscriber who pays to join the channel’s membership receives some money from YouTube and the rest goes to the owner of the channel.

  1. Live Stream – Live Stream
    When a youtuber live stream in their channel like gaming channels, artists etc live stream on youtube in which viewers watching their live send money to that youtuber through chat

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