Your bank is secretly withdrawing money from your account! If the message does not come, you will know if you check the statement

DCardFee Bank Fees: Bank provides various facilities to its customers. Although some of these features are free, some are charged by the bank. You may have noticed that many times you check your bank statement and you see the amount deducted by the bank. There is no message from the bank regarding this amount, but when you check your bank statement, you will find that your own bank has deducted some money from your account. Actually, this amount is the annual fee for maintaining the debit card. Yes, every bank, be it government or private, charges its customers an annual fee for maintaining a debit card. It is deducted from your account in the name of DCardFee.

What is DCardFee?

In a way, this is a charge levied by the bank. Bank charges its customers for maintenance of debit card and it is deducted annually. This amount may vary for different banks. Not only this, different debit cards have different charges that offer different types of facilities.

What is the full name of DCardFee?

The full form of DCardFee is Debit Card Fee. This means that when you withdraw money from a debit or ATM card, the bank charges a technology and management charge. Banks call it debit card fees.

If we talk about the recovery from the bank, the bank charges this fee due to the maintenance of the debit card. Let us tell you that customers get many types of facilities through debit cards. People save time and don’t have to go to the bank every time to withdraw money. In such a situation, this charge is taken by the bank to install new ATM machines and further improve the technology.

These banks charge such fees

HDFC Bank – 600+ GST
SBI Bank – 147.50+GST
Bank of Baroda – 250+ GST
Punjab National Bank – 150+ GST
ICICI Bank – 250+ GST
Axis Bank – 200+ GST

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