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49 Store Business Idea – If you want to earn thousands of rupees then start 49 store business! With an investment of just Rs 5000, you will be able to earn thousands of rupees!

Friends, have you ever thought that by selling any household item for just Rs 49, you can earn profit in it? Wouldn’t have thought because we all know that in today’s date where inflation is increasing so much, how can any similar good be so cheap, and even if it becomes cheap, then getting profit in it will get only 1-2 rupees, which is Not enough 

But it is true that you can earn 15-20% profit by selling the same for just Rs 49 and the same one which has quality. So today we are going to tell you about a similar business idea in which you can open a shop even with low investment and earn a lot of money every month very easily.

What is 49 Store Business Ideas 

49 Store Business is such a business model in which every item found in the shop will be given for Rs 49. It doesn’t really matter which item you are taking here. If you want, you can take any item like shoe cloth, crockery etc. But the cost of all remains only ₹ 49. 

This model is like 99 Store Business 

49 Store Business Idea –Have you ever heard about 99 Store Business? If you have heard then you must know that such shops are very crowded because nowadays everyone wants to buy good quality goods at cheap price. 

99 Store Business gives the same facility to ordinary customers. 99 Store Business is just like 49 Store Business, in this, each one gets the same 99 rupees, no matter what the Category it is.

Why should you start this business? 

49 Store Business Idea –Whether it is 99 Store Business or 49 Store Business, you can start any business or you can start a business by combining both. Now the question arises that why should you start this business? Can you really get profit in this? So yes, there is a lot of potential for profit in this because the availability of any goods at such a low price is very difficult nowadays. 

How to start this business? 

This business is very good in terms of high profit at low cost. Here it is not necessary that you have a lot of capital to invest, only then you will be able to start a business. If you pay Rs.5000 Even if you are able to invest, you can create a good business in this too and then you can increase the business with the profit you get from it

Where can I get such cheap stuff? 

49 Store Business Idea –This business is mainly dependent on cheap goods, so the availability of cheap goods is very important so that your business never stops. Along with this, some Basic Marketing Skills are very important so that you can promote your business in your city and other cities also so that remote people can know about your business and take goods from you. 

So how to start this business, what skills will be needed for this and from where you will get raw materials at cheap price, you will get information about all these things in the video given below. The contact number of Lal Bhai (Jaipur) has also been given in the video, so that you can contact him directly and get more information about the business. 

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