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Agriculture Startup : If you are not getting proper salary in your job, start farming soon, the government will give 25 lakh rupees

Agri Startup for New Beginning: After the corona epidemic, the employment problem in the country is heating up. In such a situation, the youth of the country are being encouraged to start up. In the agricultural sector too, the youth and farmers are being motivated to start farming to strengthen the economic condition of the farmers.

For this, the central and state governments are also providing financial assistance. At the same time, under the Central Government’s National Agricultural Development Scheme, it is encouraging entrepreneurship in agriculture. Agriculture startups also encourage digitization and mechanization in agriculture. Simply put, agriculture startups themselves encourage smart farming.

Start farming

Farmers are often confused about what to do in agriculture so that costs are reduced, income is doubled and employment problem is eliminated. In such a situation, if farmers and youth want, they can process the produce from the fields, try their hand at artificial intelligence with modernity, become self-reliant with digital agriculture, start-up or open agricultural mechanization. Their own dairy. And can also set up a fish farming unit. All this work involves new thinking, new technology and connecting with machines. For this, the government also provides financial assistance from training to marketing.

Government will provide financial assistance

It is obvious that today’s youth cannot earn much from job-business. In such a situation, they should engage with farmers and innovate in agriculture. Because the region of India is continuously progressing. Farming techniques adopted in India (organic farming and natural farming) are becoming popular abroad. This is the reason why the government is providing both training and funding for agriculture startups.

Under the Agripreneurship Orientation Programme, there is a provision of Rs 10,000 for two consecutive months to farmers and youth.

R-ABI Incubates Seed Stage for Agri Startups also provides funding up to Rs.25 lakh with 85% grant and 15% partial subsidy by the incubator.
Under idea and pre-seed stage funding of agri-entrepreneurs with provision of 90% subsidy and 10% subsidy through incubators, about Rs. There is a provision of giving 5 lakhs.

Scheme Eligibility

Beneficiaries of this scheme are selected by government organizations like Krishi Vigyan Kendra and other centres.
Before awarding the financial assistance, the beneficiary is decided on the basis of training, intellectual and innovation point of view.
Under this scheme, startup youth and farmers are given financial assistance in installments.
Under this, it is mandatory to take training through skill development in major incubation centers of the country.
After which farmers and youth can provide employment opportunities to others in their area.
To join this scheme you can get more information on Central Government Scheme StartUp India or Agriculture Department website

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