Animal Husbandry Loan Scheme Gujarat | Govt will provide loan scheme for animal husbandry Get complete information

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Nowadays many people are showing interest towards animal husbandry instead of job, if we talk about animal husbandry, cow-buffalo rearing is progressing very fast in today’s time, but sometimes small and big people cannot buy cow-buffalo due to financial constraints. not In such a situation, we will tell you how you can buy cows and buffaloes with the help of the government. Let us tell you that the new Pastoralists get a loan from the bank at a low interest rate, so that you can start the cow-buffalo farming business very easily. So let’s know the complete information about the loan process for cow-buffalo rearing.

Purpose of Animal Husbandry Loan Scheme

Animal Husbandry Loan :- Animal Husbandry Scheme is a scheme initiated by the Government of India under the Western State Security. The war country of this plan is unemployment, youth, seats, beauty of Gara and opening of pastoral care sector. In this scheme especially those people can get assistance which gives power care to your lifestyle. The plan aims to increase the number of descriptions and improve livestock integrity and health information along with the country’s livestock surveillance. This scheme has been implemented by the “Central Government in all the States”.

How much loan will be available in this scheme

If you want to take loan for cow-buffalo rearing then many schemes like Pashu Kisan Credit Card Yojana have been run under Pashupalan Yojana. In which you can get a maximum loan of Rs 1,60,000. Under livestock loan scheme you can avail loan for any animal except cow and buffalo. Like sheep rearing, goat rearing and poultry rearing etc. In this, the loan given to you by the bank is according to the value of the animal. On which very little interest has to be paid. Talking about the cost per animal, if you take a loan against a buffalo, you can get a loan of up to Rs 60,000. If you want to take a loan on 2 buffaloes then you can get a loan up to Rs 1,20,000 on the other hand if you take a loan on 1 cow then you can get a loan up to Rs 40,000 and if you take a loan for 2 cows you get Loans up to Rs 80,000 can be availed.

Documents required to apply
Documents required to apply
Copy of Bank Passbook
Identity Card (Government Certified Identity Card)
aadhar card
PAN card
Passport size photograph

How to Apply Online for I Farmer Animal Husbandry Scheme?
First of all, open Google in your mobile, computer or tablet and search by typing “IKhedut Portal”. You can also go directly to

Then click on the first link you see in the search results.
Now iKhedoot Portal will open, then click on “Apply to Various Schemes” written on the right side.
Now, out of the 5 different sections, click on the section you want to avail the plan.

Now the list of all schemes will come. Click on the button written “Apply” on the right side of the scheme you want to apply for.
Now you can apply online very easily by filling all the details like your name, address etc.

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