Assistance to farmers in purchasing mobile phones will have to be registered from this website: Gujarat Farmer Free Smartphone Yojana 2024

Khedut Mobile Sahay Yojana | Gujarat Farmer Free Smartphone Yojana Registration | Farmer Smart phone Sahay Yojana | Assistance to farmers on mobile purchase. ikhedut Portal 2024

A number of schemes have been implemented by the Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation keeping in mind the interest of the farmers. For which I Khedut portal has been created. In which plans have been implemented for the year 2023-24. In which Pastoral Schemes 2024, Horticulture Schemes etc. are placed online. In which many schemes are run for farmers, animal husbandry. In which free mine-grain assistance scheme, power tiller assistance scheme etc. are functioning.

The Gujarat Mobile Sahay Yojana has been launched by the Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation of Gujarat. If the farmers who want to take advantage of the Gujarat Smartphone Support Yojana, those farmers have to register online from the official website of Gujarat Farmer Free Smartphone Yojana, we know all the information.

Gujarat Farmer Free Smartphone Yojana 2024

યોજનાનું નામખેડૂતો માટે સ્માર્ટફોન સહાય યોજના 2023
ઉદ્દેશ્યગુજરાતના ખેડૂતોને ડીજીટલાઇઝેશન કરવાનું
લાભાર્થીઓગુજરાત રાજ્યના ખેડૂતો
મળવાપાત્ર સહાયમોબાઇલની ખરીદી પર 30% સુધી સહાય જે પહેલાં 10 ટકા હતી હવે તેને 30% કરી દેવામાં આવેલી છે
કેટલીવાર સહાય મળવાપાત્ર થશેઆજીવન એક વખત
ફોર્મ ભરવાની તારીખ16-09-2023
Smartphone Assistance Scheme for Farmers
Smartphone Mobile Sahay Yojana has been provided by the Government of Gujarat, due to which the farmers can use smartphones to exchange information about agriculture, agriculture, photography, and update mail videos through it. And due to this, the Farmer Mobile Support Yojana (Gujarat Farmer Free Smartphone Yojana) has been created so that the farmers can also be informed.
Eligibility of Beneficiary
A farmer who belongs to Gujarat and wants to avail the accident insurance scheme should have all the following eligibility, only then he can apply to avail this scheme.
A person who wants to apply for smartphone assistance should be a resident of Gujarat.
The applicant should be a native of the state of Gujarat, and should be a farmer holding land in Gujarat.
If the farmer holder has more accounts than the number of accounts mentioned in the farmer holder, he will be eligible for assistance only once.
If the applicant has a joint account then the ikhedut 8-A farmers are entitled to the benefit of only one of the joint accounts as mentioned therein.
This mobile plan is only available on the purchase of the mobile phone only, mobile accessories like earphones, chargers, batteries are not included.

Benefits of Khedut Mobile Sahay Yojana
Farmers who want to buy a smartphone using this assistance, it is very important to know the benefits of this scheme, the benefits are given below.

A farmer who purchases a smart phone through the Farmer Mobile Sahay Yojana is given assistance. Assistance will be available on the purchase of smartphone by farmer householders and if they want to participate in the assistance, 40 percent assistance on purchase of smartphone up to Rs 15,000 or Rs 6000. The lesser of these two shall be eligible for assistance.

For example, a farmer buys a phone at a cost of Rs 9,000 and gets Rs 3,600 as 40% of that price, while a beneficiary farmer buys a phone at a cost of Rs 16,000 but his 40% contribution is Rs 6,400. According to the rules, they will be eligible for assistance up to Rs 6,000.

Earlier 10% rebate was given to people who wanted to buy a mobile under the Mobile Sahay Yojana. Today, the compensation has been increased from 10% to 40%, i.e. 30% compensation has been increased in this scheme. From now on, if they want to take advantage of this scheme, they will be able to get a compensation of up to 40% rupees.

Free Smartphone Yojana for Gujarat Farmer 2023 Document List
For those who want to avail the benefits of this scheme i.e. Gujarat Farmer Free Smartphone Yojana, you have to first apply online from iKhedoot portal, and the important documents required for the same are as follows.

Aadhaar card copy of the farmer holding the account.
The original bill bearing the GST number of the smartphone.
IMEI number of the smartphone to be purchased.
A copy of the land document of the farmer who wants to buy the phone.
Copy of which is 8-A for Agriculture.
Copy of Canceled Check of Farmers.
Copy of applicant’s bank account passbook.

Rules for buying a phone
Gujarat Government has released the Gujarat Farmer Free Smartphone Yojana of smartphone assistance scheme which some rules of the phone have been made to take advantage of, and the people who will follow that rule will be given assistance only. The rules for availing the assistance are as follows.

First of all one has to apply online through e-portal.
After applying online, the pre-approval will be given by the Taluka Enforcement Officer, and it will be communicated to you via SMS or e-mail.
The purchase of the mobile has to be made within 15 days. If selected in your mobile support plan,
After purchasing the smartphone, the beneficiary i.e. the farmer has to sign the application form, you have to take a printout of the signed paper and attach it to the document and deposit it with the Gram Sevak or Taluka Enforcement Officer.
After the implementation of this plan, you have to present the phone bill of the phone you have purchased within their stipulated time.
Who can get Help to Buy?
Information on who can apply and who can get assistance to purchase a smartphone is given below. which you can see.

As per the information provided by the government above, all farmers who should be residents of Gujarat and own land can apply for smartphone assistance. And can get a smartphone. If you want to buy a phone, you have to apply online from the iKhedut portal ( Under this assistance, an assistance of up to 40 percent (maximum Rs. 6,000) of the price of the smartphone you purchase was announced.

Smartphone યોજના 2023 ફોર્મ ભરવા માટેની લિંકઅહીં ક્લિક કરો
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