Bal Sakha Yojana : Free treatment under Bal Sakha Yojana, know complete information

Bal Sakha Yojana ꠰ Bal Sakha Yojana : is a free treatment scheme under the supervision of a pediatrician to prevent child mortality by maintaining the health of children. This scheme has been launched by the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Gujarat. After the great success of the Chiranjeevi Yojana run by the government, this scheme is also a very good humanitarian scheme launched for the health benefits of newborns.

Newborns born under Chiranjeevi Yojana whose age is less than one month. They are given free treatment in the hospital. Children whose weight is less than 1.5 kg. They are kept in incubators. If the child is suffering from respiratory or lung disease, if the child is constantly crying or if the blood sugar level is low, the treatment and medicines are given free of cost and the child’s condition is constantly monitored by the pediatrician of the hospital.

The child gets medical medicines, medical reports and doctor’s services free of cost for one month. Also the vaccinations given from time to time for child health are also given free of charge in the hospital at the scheduled time. And there is a scheme started for children of non-caste parents and parents who do not pay income tax. Doctor’s visits and intimate treatment if required are also provided.

The age of the infant to avail the benefit of this scheme should be less than one month. Also, the child’s parents should not belong to the family classified under poverty, caste and income tax and their income should not be more than 2 lakhs. Children of such parents can get the benefit of Bal Sakha Yojana. Whether the child is born under Chiranjeevi Yojana, in a government hospital or at home anywhere, the child is eligible for the benefits of this scheme. Hospitals which are registered under Bal Sakha Yojana 3. The benefit of Bal Sakha Yojana can be availed in those hospitals. A child born at another hospital or at home can be referred to a hospital affiliated to Bal Sakha Yojana by the village doctor, health worker or Asha worker to get this benefit.

Bal Sakha Yojana 3 FAQS:

Question: 1 How many children of the beneficiary will get the benefit of Bal Sakha Yojana?

Answer: All the children of the beneficiary can get this benefit under Bal Sakha Yojana.

Question: 2 Upto what age can a child get the benefit of Balaskha Yojana?

Answer: Newborns less than 30 days old can get the benefit of Balaskha Yojana.

Question: 3 What is the income limit to avail child benefit?

Answer: BPL card holder, income less than 1 lakh, income tax filing family can get the benefit of Bal Sakha Yojana.

Question: 4 If the child is born at home, can he get the benefit of Bal Sakha Yojana?

Answer: Yes, even if the child is born at home, the health worker or Asha worker can refer the child to a hospital affiliated to Bal Sakha Yojana to get the benefit.

Question: Which treatment is available free of cost under 5 Balaskha Yojana?

All facilities of medical drugs, medical reports and intimate treatment of the child if required are provided completely free of cost to the child admitted under the Balaskha Yojana.

Question: 6 Under Bal Sakha Yojana, how much rupees the child’s guardian gets as fare to go home after treatment?

Answer: Under the Bal Sakha Yojana, the pediatrician pays a fee of 200 rupees to the child’s guardian to go home after treatment.

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