Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme : According to Bank of Baroda, under this scheme, 6 percent interest will be earned on the deposited rupees.

Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme

A digital revolution is currently underway. In today’s rapidly changing era, it has become necessary for citizens to save money. It is very important to be safe on the amount saved. Also, it is very important to get good and attractive returns on the savings amount. Most of the banks in the country offer good interest for it and your money is also safe. Friends, today we will get more information about Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme through this article.

Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme

There are many nationalized banks in our country. Personal Loan is also provided by Bank of Baroda. In addition, Bank of Baroda has launched a deposit scheme for its customers. Named as ‘Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme’. This scheme gives higher interest on deposited money. Also offers security and good returns. Apart from this, it also provides other benefits. About which we will tell about Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme in Gujarati through this article.

Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme – Highlights

What is Bank of Baroda Deposit Scheme?

In this deposit scheme of Bank of Baroda, customer can deposit money for two periods. Special term deposits have been introduced for 444 days and 555 days. BOB Bank has launched a new scheme for its customers. The scheme was released on the second day of August 15. In this scheme, customers will get interest on the money deposited under the Special Domestic Retail Term Deposit Scheme. According to BOB, 6 percent interest will be earned on the money deposited in the bank under this scheme. Only senior citizens will be charged a maximum interest rate of 0.50 percent. Also, non-capable depositors will get an interest rate of 0.15 percent.

Benefits available under this scheme

There are many benefits under this scheme. In which you will get benefits like high interest rates, safe investment and good returns. The following benefits are available.

According to Bank of Baroda, under this scheme, 6 percent interest will be earned on deposited rupees.
Senior citizens will be given maximum interest of 0.50 percent.
Non-capable depositors will get higher interest at 0.15 percent.
Under the Baroda Tricolor Deposit Scheme, 444 days FD will earn 5.75% interest.
You will get 6.00% interest on 555 days FD. At the same time, senior citizens will get more compensation under this scheme. Under this scheme you get 0.50% more interest.
Senior citizens are getting 6.25% interest on 444 day FD scheme and 6.50% interest on 555 day FD.
Features of this scheme
There are some features of Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme. Which are as follows.

Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme” and will be applicable in all branches of BOB from 16.08.2022 to 31.12.2022.

Available for 444 days and 555 days and the accounts to be opened in the scheme code are provided in Annexure – II.
Senior Citizen Preferential Rate is applicable to “Resident Indian Senior Citizen” only.
As per the current guidelines, the staff and senior citizens provide a lot of benefits to the staff.
For this scheme all other terms and conditions applicable to Term Deposit will be same except interest rate and duration.
Eligibility for availing this scheme
Should have an account in his own name with Bank of Baroda.
In cases of joint bank accounts, benefits will also be available.
In the name of any institutions, which are eligible to open a term deposit account as per bank regulations.
How to apply to avail this scheme?
All citizens and customers of Bank of Baroda can avail this scheme. Applicants and youth who want to apply in Tricolor Deposit Scheme, have to follow the steps given below. Which are as follows –

To apply for the Tricolor Deposit Scheme, first of all you have to visit your nearest Bank of Baroda branch.

After going to the bank you have to get this scheme – application form.
After that you have to fill this application form carefully.
Self attested xerox of all required documents have to be attached.
You have to submit all the documents and application form at the same bank branch.

Finally, the receipt etc. has to be obtained.

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