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Be sure to check this information before buying any property , otherwise there may be trouble later

Home has become essential for basic needs in today’s lifestyle. In today’s run of the mill, a person spends good time in his home and in time can also increase his income from home. So let me draw your attention to some things to consider before buying this house land property.

As a buyer, you must ensure that you build your home. It is under the land owner. Many banks also require this document for home loan processing. The buyer has to check the documents that his flat is built on a residential land. Permission has to be taken from the appropriate authorities and the approved building plan.

Land and building tax paid receipts, property location sketch certified by revenue officials These documents help to locate the property in the government records and make it easy to transfer the property done in favor of the buyer. By getting the latest bill, the tax paid receipt also tells us the amount due. has been paid or is due.
Commencement Certificate Commencement Certificate is applicable for under-construction properties.

It is issued by the site inspector through the local development authority. It allows construction of the building to begin and states that permission has been duly obtained. Failure to obtain initial certification may result in fines being levied or even destruction of the construction.

Never give a copy of your personal identity card like Aadhaar Card, Voting Card, PAN Card, etc. in the sale of land without asking or give any information otherwise the seller can create false documentation of your property and sell that property to someone else. He may run away with a large sum of money on interest, take a loan and the responsibility of repaying that loan may fall on his property owner.

Now-a-days after any kind of purchase a public notice (public notice) regarding your land/property is given in any newspaper of Gujarat with its information. And if someone doesn’t answer you over time, understand that the purchased property is good. No offense or notice has been filed regarding that.

Nowadays it has become a common thing to make illegal loss deals on any land/property but with it the government rules also change. Some people try to replace the genuine documents and prepare fake documents from other important documents and sell them in yen-can style. Keep checking your property documents and other important documents in the government office from time to time.

If you are planning to buy any property then check whether the seller has taken loan from any bank on that property or not. And if you buy a property with a loan or any kind of encumbrance, you will be wasting your time in legal proceedings for a long time.

Due to which you will have to face problems like financial loss, mental stress and wastage of precious time. So before purchasing any land/property it is very important to verify the details of such necessary documents through that sub-register office.

There have been cases where different transactions are executed by different persons at the same time on property with power of attorney having more than one person. So when you go to buy any property, you need to check the power of attorney of that property because without it you can’t take any property without taking that person’s permission, if you take it you have to face trouble. So this verification becomes very important.

Sometimes it also happens that the land is under the government and shows it to you and sells it by creating a false document. Over time, if you don’t check it with a government office, you may end up in a big legal mess. It can also happen if the fraudster pretends to sell the land which is owned by the government for the purpose of carrying out a false transaction.

Land seller tries to mislead you by presenting unauthorized map, false document, fake 7/12 slip etc. to you to mislead you and sell the land. In such cases, detailed verification of local as well as government certified documentation is very helpful.

To prevent this problem you can get 7/12 of that land/property and the details of the construction of the land or house by going to the nearest government office. Any documents other than the government application cannot be verified. But you can easily get the information related to the land assets of the state government from the government website which is very important to use.

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