Big news for ration card holders

Big news for ration card holders: For the common citizens of India, the central government and the state government are bringing new schemes every now and then which will benefit the common citizen. Today in this article we will talk about 5 major benefits given to ration card holders so you must read this article till the end.

Big news for ration card holders. Lottery for ration card holders
From now on all ration card holders will get the following benefits.

Jowar, Bajri and Ragi will be distributed to all Rash shops from the coming month of April.
All NFSA ration card holders were given 1 kg extra gram which was applicable in 75 talukas of the state, but now this rule will be applicable in the entire state of Gujarat so that all the people of Gujarat will benefit from this.
Fertilite rice was distributed within 14 districts of Gujarat which will now be done in the entire state of Gujarat.
Big news for ration card holders. A great announcement was made for the poor
2165 crores provision for consumers by the Food and Civil Supplies Department.

617 crore for the arrangement of food distribution to 71 lakh ration card holders
Provision of Rs 500 crore for free 2 gas cylinders to 39 lakh families
A provision of Rs 277 crore under NFSA to provide Tuwer Dal at subsidized rates
Provision of Rs 128 crore for edible oil distribution
Provision of Rs 87 crore for distribution of gram
68 crores provision for distribution of ionized and iodized salt
Provision of Rs 60 crore for distribution of Fertilite Rice
From now on, there will be no mess in the weight of the ration

In fact, the central government has decided to install electric point of sale devices at every ration shop to provide quantity of food grains to the beneficiaries under the National Food Security Act.

Smart Ration Card

Union Food Minister Piyush Goyal has appealed to all state governments to implement the Smart PDS system at the earliest. After the full implementation of this system, any member of the family will be able to take ration by showing the smart ration card.

Free cereal

Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana was started by the central government during the corona period which will continue till the last month of 2023, in which additional 5 kg food grains will be given free of charge.

The ration card holders will get free wheat and rice by clicking on click here below.

Oil, tea, milk, and gas will be included in public distribution.

The Foodgrains Supply Department is planning to make tea available to people at cheaper prices. Currently 250 grams of non-fed tea is selling at Rs 80. It will be sold on subsidy basis to all card holders for Rs 50.. Let us tell you that tea is being sold under National Food Security in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

In order to give relief to the people from inflation, in the meeting of the food civil supply department, milk is also being considered to be given at a concessional rate to the card holders who come under the National Food Security. It is being considered to give 500 grams of milk for Rs 10 to the card holders.

Apart from this, provision of 12 liters of oil per year has also been considered.

2 gas bottles are given free per year by the state government.

Before the assembly elections, the state government had announced to give free two gas bottles annually to give relief to the people from inflation, in which three bottles are being given for a period of three months. In which 200 rupees are paid from the central government and 860 rupees from the state government. People have got a big relief from this announcement.

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