Chandrayaan 3 Quiz Result: Check Chandrayaan 3 Quiz Result

Check Chandrayaan 3 Quiz Result: Chandrayaan 3 Quiz Details are given here. Chandrayaan-Tran Mahaquiz is an outstanding event that celebrates India’s ongoing efforts in lunar exploration. The quiz embodies the spirit of India’s area software and reflects the state’s dedication to advancing medical expertise and area technology. Let’s find out about this interesting quiz, its importance and India’s journey in lunar exploration.

Chandrayaan 3 Quiz Result: Check Chandrayaan 3 Quiz Result

Chandrayaan-Tran MahaQuiz is a part of India’s bold lunar exploration app, Chandrayaan. The program began with Chandrayaan-1 in 2008, followed by Chandrayaan-2 in 2019. Chandrayaan-1 was a major breakthrough because it contained water molecules on the surface of the Moon. Chandrayaan-2, despite all the challenges faced by its touchdown segment, correctly positioned the orbiter in lunar orbit, making India the fourth USA to achieve this.

Chandrayaan-3 Mahaquiz is an interactive and educational platform designed to interact with humans of all ages and backgrounds on the fascinating global scale of lunar technology and research. It covers a variety of questions from basic lunar information to the best field technical principles. Individuals can be a part of the online quiz, making it accessible to a worldwide target audience interested in space technology knowledge.

Chandrayaan 3 Quiz Award
A coin prize of ₹ 1,00,000/- (one lakh rupees) can be awarded to the top contestant.
A coin prize of ₹ 75,000/- (Rupees Seventy Thousand) may be awarded to the second first rank contestant.
0.33 A cash prize of ₹ 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand Rupees) may be awarded to a contestant who performs well.
The following hundred (100) contestants will be awarded a comfort prize of ₹ 2,000/- (Rupees One Thousand) each.
Comfort prizes of ₹ 1,000/- (one thousand rupees) may be awarded to subsequent buses (two hundred) contestants.

what do you get
First Rs. 1,00,000/-
Another Rs. 75,000/-

Contributors to the Chandrayaan-3 MahaQuiz stand a chance of winning exciting prizes, which could include exclusive space-related products, scholarships or perhaps even visits to Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) centers. These incentives encourage individuals to test their knowledge of lunar technology and technology.

Benefit of quizzes
Ahead of the quiz, the organizers of the Chandrayaan-3 MahaQuiz organize an instructional outreach package like webinars, lectures and workshops. This initiative provides individuals with an in-depth knowledge of lunar technology and India’s contribution to space exploration.

Quiz Rules
All Indian citizens can participate in this quiz.
The quiz will start quickly as the candidate clicks on the ‘Put Up’ button after getting the best OTP.
This Chandrayaan 3 Mahaquiz will have 10 questions, to be answered in 300 seconds, this is a timed quiz, with no negative marking.
Contestants want to make sure to provide all legal and accurate details on their profile web page. An advanced profile is intended to be used for further communication with the participant. Incomplete profiles will no longer be eligible to win.

Questions can be randomly determined from the question bank through an automated process.
Contestants can play this quiz using a valid Indian cellular wide variety, as a One Time Password (OTP) can be sent to validate the mobile variety before starting the quiz and worldwide users can play as a One Time Password (OTP) using a valid email. is Mail identification. The email id is sent for verification.
The same cellular variety and email ID cannot be used more than to participate in the quiz. In case of duplicate entries, the first attempted document may be taken for evaluation.

How to apply?
You can apply online

Apply the steps
Then click on Take Part Now button.
Then a brand new window will open, in which contestants have to fill all the specific information.
In which fill data like name, mobile range, call, date of birth, country, district etc.
Then click on Take a look at box and click on Continue button.
After that, the cellular variety entered will capture an OTP, so you can start the quiz.

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