CNG pumps will remain closed till this date, rickshaw pullers are in trouble.

CNG pumps will remain closed in Gujarat till this date: Rickshaw pullers and auto drivers are in trouble after the CNG dealers commission dispute in Gujarat. Because an official announcement was made today to stop the sale of CNG in the state for an indefinite period from March 3.

Because of this, CNG pumps will remain closed in Gujarat. Federation of Gujarat Petroleum Association has informed today that the dealer’s commission has not been increased for the last five years i.e. about 55 months. Despite several proposals and discussions with petroleum companies, no decision has been taken on increasing the commission of the dealers. A token strike was announced by the CNG pump operators on February 6, but their demands have not been met so far.

Because of this, it has been decided to ban the sale of CNG from CNG pumps for an indefinite period from March 3. Petroleum companies announced that CNG would not be sold anywhere in the state until their demands, including increasing dealers’ commission, were met.

Naturally, while CNG rickshaws mostly ply across the state, if the sale of CNG is stopped indefinitely, the rickshaw pullers, who earn their daily bread, will lose their income completely. Apart from this, transportation of school uniform or other commercial cars, buses, which use CNG as fuel, will also be stopped.

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