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Convenience / Easy to take loan : Make a miscall and SBI will give you a loan of 20 lakh rupees, know the details

We take loans for any emergency requirement but now if you want to take a loan then SBI has come up with a special facility for its customers.

SBI will give a loan on a miscall
Loans from 25 thousand to 20 lakhs will be available
SBI tweeted

State Bank of India will make personal loans available to its customers with one missed call. The bank has given this information from its verified Twitter handle.

According to SBI’s tweet, fast loans are available in Express Credit Personal Loan Service. The customer has to make only one missed call and then the bank will soon give the loan with approval. The interest rate of this loan is also less than 9.6 percent.

How much loan will get
SBI has decided to give loans from 25 thousand to 20 lakh rupees in this scheme. Also, overdraft service is available for loans of 5 to 20 lakhs. It does not require any guarantor or security.

Who will get this loan?

You should have a salary account with SBI
Your monthly salary should be 15000 rupees or more
EMI ratio should be less than 50 percent
SBI Salary Account Holder must be employed in a central PSU organization.
Banks are required to update KYC details of customers from time to time. In this process some basic details have to be verified.

How to update Bank KYC

Customers have to visit the nearest branch of the bank for KYC update.
The necessary documents have to be submitted here.
Photo and address proof have to be provided for identification.
Personal account customers have to use Passport, WaterID, Driving License, PAN Card and Aadhaar Card.

What will the minor account holder do?

If the account holder is a minor or below 10 years then their ID proof will be required by the person operating the account. If the minor operates the account himself, then in that case it will be treated as a normal case by verifying the person’s identity or home address.

Here is the procedure for NRI customers

If you are NRI then you have to provide your passport or visa. Residence visa is verified by Foreign Officers, Notary, Officer of the concerned Bank including Indian Embassy.

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