Dr. Savita Ben Ambedkar Marriage Scheme: Under the scheme, those who marry into another caste will get 1 lakh rupees.

Dr. Savita Ben Ambedkar Marriage Plan : Are you looking for Dr. Savita Ben Ambedkar Marriage Plan? So we have brought complete information about Dr. Savita Ben Yojana for you. From here we will tell the information about this scheme and also what is the purpose of Manav Kalyan Yojana. Dr. Savita Ben Ambedkar Marriage Yojana benefit who will get? How to benefit? Where are the documents required? How much benefit means how much help? Information about it is given in this article. Which are as follows.

Dr. Savita Ben Ambedkar Marriage Scheme

Inter-caste marriage may be opposed in our society, but governments are working to maintain social harmony and prevent untouchability. In this episode, the incentive amount on intercast marriage in Gujarat has been increased to 1 lakh rupees. Earlier this amount was 5 lakh rupees. 1 lakh for those marrying into another caste to encourage inter-caste marriages. This Dr. All guidelines related to Savitaben Ambedkar Marriage Promotion Scheme are given below.

Purpose of Intercaste Marriage Assistance Scheme

Savita Ben Ambedkar Intercaste Marriage Scheme has been launched by the Gujarat Government, under this scheme any person in the state who marries a girl from other caste and tries to eradicate casteism, will be given financial assistance by the government.

Under this scheme, the government wants to eliminate caste discrimination in the society and make people of all castes equal. Nowadays, many young men and women are entering into inter-caste marriages, due to which many a married couple has to run away from home.

Many problems are faced. Gujarat Government has started Gujarat Inter-caste Marriage Scheme so that such young men and women do not face any problem and increase the inter-caste marriage scheme.

Eligibility of candidate to avail this scheme

Marriage Certificate:- To ensure that the benefits of this scheme are available only to the married couple, the applicants have to submit a copy of their marriage certificate.
Aadhaar Card :- Both male and female applicants must have Aadhaar card as it can be used during application.
Voter ID Card:- It is necessary for young men and women to keep a copy of their voter ID card with them for identification.
Caste Certificate:- This scheme will mainly benefit poor and low caste people i.e. backward class people. So the applicant has to attach his caste certificate along with the application form.
Birth Certificate :- In order to determine the age, both the applicant boy and girl must have their birth certificate.
Income Certificate:- When a young man and a young woman live separately after marriage, they have to provide their income proof to show what are their means of income and how much is their income.
PAN Card :- The amount given in this scheme will be given to the applicants by depositing it in their joint bank account, then it is necessary to have a PAN card number to keep the account in the bank.
Photo of the couple together:- If the beneficiary of this scheme gets married, they should have a wedding photo of the couple, which they have to attach in the application form.

Benefit available under Inter-caste Marriage Assistance Scheme

Through the Dr Savitaben Ambedkar Intercaste Marriage Assistance Scheme, assistance of up to 1 lakh rupees is provided in the Intercaste Marriage Assistance Scheme to bring about social equality by removing untouchability.

Documents required to avail this scheme

Copy of Aadhaar Card and Bhamashah Card
Marriage registration certificate
Copy of caste certificate
Basic address proof
A photo of a married couple
Educational certificate / copy of birth certificate issued by competent authority for confirmation of date of birth.
Savings account number of nationalized bank and PAN card in joint name
Income Certificate (Self-Declaration Letter) of Male and Female
A joint photo of the couple.
Copy of death certificate of husband in case of widow.
One of the couple, who is not a Scheduled Caste, must marry his own Hindu
“Affidavit” of intention to be of high caste. (Affidavit to be Attested by Notary)

How to apply?

You can apply for the Kunvarbai Mameru Yojana government scheme by going to the website of Samaj Kalyan.

First you have to register on e Samaj kalyan portal and id and password will be sent to your email id.
After registration you have to login with that ID password.
And after that you have to click on Dr. Savita Ben Ambedkar Marriage Yojana.
Then you have to fill all the details in it.
After that the documents will be uploaded.
Ekrar name has to be downloaded and details have to be filled in it and it has to be uploaded.

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