E-SHRAM CARD 2023 : Money has started coming, have you received it in your account, check like this

E-Labor Card 2023 (E Shram Card in Gujarati) : Are you a laborer who has recently received e-Labor Card? If so, you will be happy to know that the Department of Human Resources has started sending money to eligible workers. Workers who register for this scheme will pay Rs. can expect to earn up to 1000 directly deposited in their bank account. If you are a beneficiary of this scheme, it is important to check whether the money has been credited to your account. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information on how to check your e-Shram card for deposit.

What is e-Labor Card? (E Shram Card in Gujarati)

The Government of India has introduced several schemes to support the welfare of the weaker sections of the country. E-Labor Card is one such initiative. The scheme requires workers across the country to register themselves through the e-Labor portal, following which they are issued an e-Labor card. Government deposits Rs. 1000 per month in the bank account of eligible workers. The scheme benefits both organized and unorganized workers in the country. In addition, the workers received Rs. Get accident insurance up to 2 lakhs.

How much money can you expect?

The government currently spends Rs. 500, Rs. 1000, and Rs. 2000 in the bank account of all eligible workers. However, there are still many workers who are yet to receive the funds. Let’s find out why.

Why haven’t you received your money yet?

There are two reasons why you haven’t received your funds yet. Firstly, your e-labor card has not been updated. Second, your e-labor card may not be linked to your bank account. Additionally, if your bank account is not linked to your Aadhaar card, you may face problems in receiving your funds. If you encounter any of these problems, it is important to get them resolved as soon as possible.

How to update your e-Labor Card?

If your e-Labor Card has not been updated, you can easily update it from the comfort of your own home. Visit the official e-labor portal and select the option to update your card. Then you can proceed to update your labor card without any hassle.

When will you get the funds after updating your card?

Once all your information is updated in the e-labor portal and your bank account is linked with it, the government will deposit the funds within three days of the update.

How to Check Your E-Shram Card for Deposit?

After sending the funds by the government, it is necessary to check whether the e-Labor card money has been credited to your bank account. Visit the e-labor portal and select the option to check your money status. You will be asked to enter your e-labor card number, and by clicking on the “Check Status” button, you can quickly check the status of your funds.

In conclusion, e-Labor Card Scheme is a valuable initiative for the welfare of workers in India. By following the steps mentioned above, you can ensure that you receive your funds in a timely and efficient manner. Remember to update your e-Labor Card regularly to avoid any delay in receiving your deposits.

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