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Finance Loan – NBFC Private Finance Loan

Finance is an integral part of every business. Not only that, having proper finance is the crux of having a stable lifestyle where you can provide for yourself and your loved ones. Depending on a person’s situation, one might require to take a financial loan to continue their business ventures or explore any beneficial investment options. In such cases comes in financial loans.

What is a Finance Loan?

A finance loan is the lending of money by a single or multiple beneficiaries to other individuals or organisations. The recipient of the loan amount incurs as debt to the beneficiary and is liable to pay a certain amount of interest on the standing debt until the total loan amount is repaid.

Documents required for a finance loan

When applying for a finance loan, be it at a bank, lending company or online, you will need to provide certain documents that will help process your loan claim and let the lending party asses if you are the viable candidate who is eligible for a loan.

The following are the documents that need to be attacked with the loan application form for a finance loan:

  1. Voters ID card
  2. Passport
  3. PAN card
  4. Driver’s license
  5. Aadhaar card
  6. Financial records- these include the salaries of the individual who is applying for a loan. If the applicant is self-employed, then he or she must submit a breakdown of their income.
  7. Proof of income- this includes the play slip and the bank statement of the past three months of the applicant (if the applicant is a salaried individual)
  8. Filled out finance loan application form
  9. A letter stating proof of job continuity. The employer can write this letter from the applicant. If the applicant is a self-employed individual, then he or she must present the revenuer income of their business for the last three months.

Apply for an Online Finance Loan

In today’s day and age, applying for a private finance loan has become an easy and more readily approachable task. People in need of financial support can access and apply for an online finance loan.

We at LendingKart are an NBFC finance loan company and have the simple format which makes the application of finance loans more attractive and provide some of the best interest rates.

The steps to get an online finance loan are as follows:

  1. Visit our website and click on apply now.
  2. Check your finance loan eligibility for a finance loan by entering the required information.
  3. Enter the amount of loan you wish to take and submit the required documents as mentioned on our website.
  4. After submitting, your loan claim shall be processed. After going through your request and getting the approval, the loan amount will be processed directly to your provided bank account.

Apply for Finance Loan Now

Finance Loan Calculator

There are several online finance loan calculators which you can use to get a velar breakdown of your private financial loan. By using a finance loan calculator, you can get an estimate of how the interest rate on loan will compound to the total gross amount repayable.

By simply entering the-
~Loan amount
~Rate of interest
~Period for which the loan is taken
~number of instalments

You can easily find out whether or not that particular loan is a feasible option for you and can see the amount that you have to pay on each instalment.
By shifting some of the variables, you can also find out the total amount of loan to take and whether or not it fits within your budgets.

Interest rate and loan amount at LendingKart

Rate of interest1 – 2 % per month
Processing fee1 – 2 % of the loan amount
PeriodMaximum till 36 months or three years
Loan AmountRs. 50,000 to 2 crore
Instalments periodsFlexible (monthly/ bi-monthly)
EligibilityOverall turnover should be over Rs. 90,000 for three months.
Charges for pre-closure of loanNil

One can never know when and where they might need a financial loan. This could be for education, marriage, medical payments, insurance and investment or only for personal affairs. Having access to a financial loan apply online option can significantly elevate the pressure of having to make alternative sources of income.

Finance Loan FAQs:

1. How does LendingKart have such low-interest rates?

Our processes are entirely online, and there is no middle man between the transactions. This helps us cut the interest rate drastically for our potential customer.

2. Are finance loans beneficial?

Finance loans help you create a better monetary foundation for business or investment purposes which can later grow into prosperous opportunities.

3. What is the best way to choose a finance loan?

There are many different types of financial loans from various lending companies and a bank. The best way to find the loan scheme that suits your needs is to compare different finance loans and see which one suits you the best.

4. What are consumer finance loans?

Consumer finance loans or CFLs are a genre of subprime loan which are given to the applicant by a consumer finance company. By meeting payments on your consumer finance loan, you can significantly boost your credit score, which can in turn help I future loans or investment opportunities.

5. How can I find Finance loans near me?

You can easily find an online finance loan by visiting your nearest bank or searching for different schemes online.

6. How long does it take for the loan to be sanctioned by LendingKart?

After receiving the loan application, it will take up to three business day to have the loan amount sanctioned.

7. Is there any collateral required for a financial loan or any other extra cost?

No, there is no need for collateral deposited for a loan. Being a complete online forum, there are no extra or hidden costs when applying for a loan at LendingKart.

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