Google Family Link App 2023 | Keep your children’s attention on mobile

Google Family Link App

Set screen time limits for your child’s device, manage apps, and view app activity.

Google Family Link For Parents App

Try Google’s free Family Link parental control app. Whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers, the Family Link app lets you remotely set digital ground rules from your own device to guide them as they learn, play and explore online. For children under 13 (or the applicable age of consent in your country), Family Link lets you create a Google Account for your child similar to yours, with access to most Google services.

Do the parental control yourself

Watch their app activity – not all screen time is equal. Help your child make healthy decisions about what they do on their Android device, with activity reports showing how much time they spend on their favorite apps. You can view daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Manage their apps – Handy notifications let you approve or block apps your child wants to download from the Google Play Store. You can also remotely manage in-app purchases and hide specific apps on their device, all from your own device.

Keep track of screen time

Set limits – It’s up to you to decide how much screen time is appropriate for your child. Family Link lets you set time limits and bedtimes for their monitored devices, so you can help them find a good balance.

Lock their device – Whether it’s time to go out and play, have dinner or just spend time together, you can remotely lock a monitored device whenever it’s time to take a break.

Also see who’s where

It’s helpful to be able to find your child when he’s on the go. As long as they’re carrying their Android devices, you can use Family Link to help locate them.

Important information

While Family Link helps you manage your child’s purchases and downloads from Google Play, they won’t need permission to install app updates (including updates that expand permissions), apps you’ve previously approved, or apps shared in the Family Library. Parents should regularly review their child’s installed apps and app permissions in Family Link.

You should carefully review the apps on your child’s supervised device and disable the ones you don’t want them to use. Note that you may not be able to disable some pre-installed apps.

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