Google Find My Device | The lost mobile can be easily retrieved from this app of Google

Smartphones have become a special part of our lives as they contain useful user data. Data security becomes an important issue when one’s smartphone is lost. Here we will tell you some special tricks related to data security, which can prove to be very useful for you.

Google not only provides the operating system for your Android smartphone, but it is also responsible for protecting your data on your smartphone. Google also offers a special service to protect your data. With which you can locate the lost phone on the map. Google’s Find My Device allows users to lock a lost phone, protect it with a password or pattern.

Recover lost phone

The Google developer team has been warned by many users of the suspicions that this feature may cause and it seems that they have decided to remove this switch from devices based on Android 10 (in which, we repeat, it does not necessarily need to be activated. Because that Google My Device functions can work remotely).Find My Device is one of those applications / services that go unnoticed until you pay attention to solve some unpleasant case. A daughter of Google, it serves exactly what its name implies: find a lost Android device.

Using Google Find My Device

First you should call your phone number. Your phone may not have been lost, but you may have left it somewhere. In such a situation, you can easily find it by calling the phone from any other number. If someone finds your phone, it can also help them reach you.

Suppose you have made a call on a smartphone and it is switched off. In such a situation, you should lock the phone first. However, whether it’s an Android smartphone or an iPhone these days, both come with basic security features. For this, the iPhone users have to first login to the other device and activate the lost mode on the phone. You can also use the My iPhone option. Apart from this you can also lock your phone in other ways so that no one else can access your data.

How to find lost android phone with this app

If you are an Android user, you can use the Find My Device feature in Android Device Manager to locate your lost phone. Your phone’s GPS feature must be enabled if the Android device’s location tracking service is to work properly.

But this feature is useful. You can track your phone by signing up at slash find ( After doing this you will see ‘Lost Phone’ option. With that option, you can easily track your phone and also delete data from here.

First of all you should have a Google account log-in on your phone

Your phone must be on or connected to WiFi, device location must be on

Along with this, your Find My device setting should also be on. If all these settings are on, then we have told you the simple steps by which you can easily use this service.

Android users should first go to Then sign in with your Google account.

After that users have to click on the icon of Lost Phone, which will be seen at the top of the screen.

A notification will be sent to your phone, after which you will be able to see the location of the phone on your screen.

With the help of this you can easily delete phone data. Users can delete all iCloud and Google account data from the phone. However, after doing this you will not be able to track your phone again.

The location of the phone can also be tracked

Phones with both Android and iOS operating systems can be found easily. You can find Android OS phones using Google Maps. Apart from this, you can also use Find My Device option, which is available in iPhone as Find My Phone. For this you just need to use the required credentials

Find location of stolen mobile phone from serial number

The first method used to locate a locked stolen phone is to locate a stolen mobile phone by IMEI serial number or phone identification number. Below are the detailed steps.

Immediately after purchasing the phone, bring the purchase invoice and box for your phone, then enter the phone settings.

Then show your phone number through this code *#06#, keep the number that will appear in front of you to track and trace the mobile phone.

After the SIM card is inserted and activated, the IMEI information will be automatically sent to the carrier to allow access and calls.

If your phone is stolen, you must notify your carrier after the theft so that they can track and trace the stolen phone.

And if you want to delete all the data and files on your phone to get your phone back, you have to visit a branch of the company your phone belongs to and inform them that your phone is stolen, then attend. Ask them to disable the phone with their papers and your IMEI.

Thus, the company will be able to permanently disable the phone, and the thief will not be able to access anything on the phone and it will become like a piece of iron and useless.

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