Gujarat Electric Scooter Subsidy Yojana 2024

Gujarat Electric Scooter Subsidy Yojana 2024: Hello Friends, Gujarat Two-Wheeler Yojana was launched to provide subsidy to the students of Gujarat state on purchase of electric vehicles. Each applicant will get a subsidy of ₹ 48,000 by the Gujarat government to purchase an electric rickshaw. People will also get proper assistance Students will be given subsidy of ₹12000 to buy electric scooters.

Students currently enrolled in class 9 to 12 will be eligible for this benefit. Only the subsidy amount given under the Gujarat Two-Wheeler Program can be used to buy a scooter. The state of Gujarat will provide students with access to 10,000 electric automobiles.

Gujarat Electric Scooter Subsidy Yojana 2024

The Gujarat Chief Minister announced a sponsorship plan for e-carts and electric bikes in an effort to encourage the use of electric vehicles to reduce air pollution. The Chief Minister announced the funding as ‘Panchsheel Prasant’ of five reform programs in Gujarat in honor of PM Narendra Modi’s 70th birthday celebrations.

Under this proposal, the government will provide assistance to students concentrating in class 9 to purchase a battery-powered motorcycle. The aim is to help 10,000 automobiles in this way.

 Gujarat Electric Scooter Subsidy Yojana 2024

For the purchase of 5,000 battery-powered e-karts by individual and institutional recipients, the state government will contribute ₹48,000. SJ Haider said that plans will be implemented based on the response. A funding scheme of ₹ 5 lakh has also been announced to set up frame offices across the state for battery-powered vehicle charging. 35,500 MW is the maximum approved installed capacity of the state. According to him, more than the general average of 23%, sustainable energy sources are committed to Gujarat’s absolute prescribed limit of 30%.

Eligibility criteria and documents to apply in the scheme

Candidate should be permanent resident of Gujarat state.
This program is available only for students of class 9 to 12.
aadhar card
School certificate
Bank account information
Passport size photo and
Your phone number.

Gujarat Electric Scooter Subsidy Yojana 2024

You must first submit an application using the appropriate process for the scheme before that.
The step-by-step application process for the Gujarat Two-Wheeler Program is outlined below.
You will need to start by visiting the official website of Gujarat Electric Car Scheme.
The main page of the official website will then appear in front of you.
After that just navigate to the option for new app. It can be found on the front page itself. Select it by clicking.
The registration form will then appear next to you.

The next step is to fill this form with all the required information.
This information may include your name, date of birth, gender, education level, and other information.
Then they will request that you upload some papers.
Make sure you upload all the required documents correctly.
If you don’t have this they may reject your application.
To complete the process, submit your application today.

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