Gujarat Govt Scheme: How to get benefit of Govt’s Smart Hand Tool Kit Assistance Scheme?What to do to avail Smart Hand Tool Kit Assistance Scheme What is the eligibility for this scheme? How much is the assistance under the scheme? How to Apply Know the details about which department of the government to apply to avail the scheme etc. from this report.

Various support schemes have been implemented by the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Government of Gujarat as part of enriching the farmers. Farmers are aware of some schemes and lack of awareness about some schemes. Today we will give you complete information about Smart Tool Kit Assistance Scheme for Marginal Farmers and Farm Labourers.

Purpose of Smart Hand Tool Kit Assistance Scheme
Marginal farmers and farm laborers of Gujarat state if given smart hand tools kit with simple tools, it becomes easier for marginal farmers and farm laborers to do farming work. Also farming can be done well. Farm production also increases.

Who is Eligible for Smart Hand Tool Kit Assistance Scheme
The scheme benefits farmers and agricultural laborers who, as per Section 8-A of land, are eligible marginal farmers holding land up to 1 hectare or agricultural laborers engaged in agricultural work. Marginal farmers get the benefit once per 8-A account and agricultural laborers once per family.

Help from Smart Hand Tool Kit Help
Eligible applicants for Smart Tool Kits will have to procure hand tools kits within 90 days (three months) from an authorized vendor center of Gujarat Farm Production Corporation Limited at Gandhinagar with 90 percent subsidy or Rs.10,000 (ten thousand) whichever is less.

How to apply, what is the application process
Marginal farmers or agricultural laborers seeking Smart Hand Tools Kits will have to apply online through the I-Khedut portal. Online application can be done at the I-Khedut (I-Khedut) portal at the village level through the e-Gram Center or wherever there is computer-internet facility. In addition, if the applicant submits a written application to the concerned office, the office will have to apply on the portal till the time the I-Khedut portal is open. Marginal farmers or agricultural laborers seeking smart hand tools kit on I-Khedut portal, online application will be auto inwarded.

Who is the office or officer implementing the Smart Hand Tool Kit Assistance Scheme?
The government has assigned responsibility to the Taluk Implementation Officer to implement the Smart Hand Tool Kit Sahay Yojana. The scheme will benefit the beneficiary through them.

Documentary evidence to be submitted at the time of application
8-a copy for marginal farmers
Copy of Talati or certificate from Department of Labor and Employment regarding being an agricultural labourer.
A list of tools as per the applicant’s choice from among the list of smart hand tools kit.
Aadhaar Card Number-(Aadhaar Card).
Copy of ration card for cheap foodgrains for agricultural labour.

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