HDFC Personal Loan: Personal loan up to Rs 10 lakh, apply online

HDFC Personal Loan: Need money fast? HDFC Bank has got you covered with their online personal loan option. If you are already a customer of the bank, the process of getting a loan is easier. You can get a loan of up to Rs 50,000 in just 10 seconds without leaving your home. All you need to do is apply online for a loan from the comfort of your own living room.

To apply for HDFC Bank Personal Loan, you must fulfill certain eligibility criteria. In this article, we have provided you with all the information you need, including how to apply and the required requirements. So, if you meet the eligibility criteria, you can easily submit your application and get the funds you need.

 HDFC Personal Loan

લોન નામHDFC પર્સનલ લોન 2023
બેંકનું નામએચડીએફસી
લોનની ચુકવણીનો સમય12 થી 60 મહિના
લોનની રકમરૂ. 50,000 થી રૂ. 40 લાખ
વ્યાજ દર11.00% થી 21.00% p.a.
પ્રક્રિયા શુલ્કલોનની રકમના 2.50% (લઘુત્તમ રૂ. 2,999 અને મહત્તમ રૂ. 25,000)
સત્તાવાર વેબસાઇટ
Want to apply for a loan? HDFC Bank offers personal loans both online and in person. Applying online is quick and convenient and can help you avoid any potential mistakes. You can apply for a loan of up to ₹50,000 through the online platform. If you are not comfortable with applying online, you can visit your nearest HDFC Bank branch to speak to a representative. Either way, HDFC Bank offers you a quick and easy way to get the funds you need.
Eligibility for HDFC Personal Loan
To be eligible for a HDFC Bank personal loan, you must meet the following criteria:
Be between 21 to 60 years of age
Be working in a company or government office
Have a minimum monthly salary of ₹25,000
Working continuously for last 2 years with 1 year in present company

Documents required for loan
While applying for HDFC Personal Loan online, make sure to keep the following documents ready:

Proof of Identity: Aadhaar Card, Voter Identity Card, Passport or Driving License
Proof of Residence: House Certificate
Bank statements of last 3 to 6 months
Salary slip from last 2 consecutive months and Form 16
Keeping these documents handy will make the loan application process easier and faster.

How to take HDFC Personal Loan
To avail HDFC Personal Loan 2023, you can either visit a local branch or follow the online process:

Go to the official website of HDFC Bank.
Click on the “Borrow” link.
Select the “Paperless Loan” option.
Fill the online form by giving your registered mobile number and date of birth.
An OTP will be sent to your mobile, which you will enter on the website.
Select your loan type and amount.
Provide required document information.
Submit the form.
Your documents will be verified by the system, and if approved, you will receive a loan of up to ₹50,000 within 10 seconds.
Note: You can also apply for a loan through your mobile device using the same steps.

Key points related to HDFC Personal Loan
HDFC Personal Loan can be availed within 10 seconds if you are a customer of the bank, otherwise it may take up to 4 days for the loan to be approved after verifying your details.
The interest rate for the loan can be up to 11% and a processing fee of ₹4999 will be required.

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હોમ પેજઅહિયાં ક્લિક કરો

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