Healths tips : 100% effective way to remove phlegm accumulated in throat and chest without taking medicine.

Generally, as soon as the weather changes, most people fall prey to viral diseases like cold, cough and phlegm. These are such diseases which remain for some time but make a person very tired.

However, having all these minor ailments, most people go to the doctor and take chemical medicines. If you are also one of such people, then let us tell you that you should not do this.

Because chemicals are used in all these medicines, which affect the person in the long run. In such a situation, to get rid of viral diseases, you should adopt some home remedies. Also, it does not cause any side effects.

However, today we are going to give you information about some such home remedies, by adopting which you can easily get relief from viral diseases like cold, cough and phlegm. So let’s know what are these remedies.

Let us tell you that to do this remedy, you must keep black pepper and cloves in the kitchen daily. Because these diseases can happen anytime. In such a situation, if you have these two things in your house, then you will be able to get relief easily.

Apart from this, turmeric, ginger, Sindhav salt and honey will be required for this remedy. Turmeric and ginger are easily available in every household. Apart from this, if you do not have Sindhav salt and honey in your house, then you can get them at home.

Now to take the remedy, first of all take out the black pepper in a utensil. Because we have to heat it. You know that black pepper alone cannot cure cold and cough so take half as many cloves as you take black pepper. However note that the cloves must be whole.

Now put cloves in the utensil in which black pepper was kept and fry on medium flame by applying ghee or oil. It will change color when cooked properly.

Now turn off the gas and take out black pepper and cloves. After this, put a piece of ginger in the pot and let it roast when the pot is hot. There is no need to turn on the gas for this.

Now grind the black pepper and cloves that you have taken and make powder. You can convert it into powder form by grinding it in a sieve or grinding it in a mixer.

Now take out the ginger from the vessel and peel it. Then wrap it in a napkin and roll it. This will release the ginger juice and you can collect it.

Then take clove and black pepper powder in a vessel and add ginger juice to it. After this make pills by mixing turmeric, honey and Sindhav salt. After this you consume it daily. However, remember that it should be used in the morning on an empty stomach or at night before going to bed.

By doing this remedy for a week, your problem will go away and all your diseases will also go away.

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