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how to apply loan from cashe app in google pay|Can we get loan from cashe[2023]

In today’s article, Information related to the process of taking a loan from cashe app through google pay will be provided. So read the article till the end.


Today everyone wants to meet their personal requirements and therefore they applied for a loan from various app or platforms but sometimes these apps don’t approve your loan or take a lot of time to process your loan activation.

By keeping this problem in mind, today we’ll talk about an app that provides two types of loans, instant personal loans or buy now and pay later. The name of the app is cashe which provides services all over India and is available on google pay also. It is an app that RBI approved NBFC-based app and its partner is Bhanix Finance and Investment Ltd.

So if you want to take a personal loan with instant approval, then you can consider this app.

Eligibility and documents

This app has two major types of loans, the first one is a personal loan and another one is buy now pay later. If you want to apply for a personal loan then you have to fulfill these criteria for approval of the loan.

  • Personal loan for salaried professionals only.
  • Minimum net take-home monthly Salary: ₹12,000
  • Your age should be above 21 years.
  • Salary through direct bank transfer only

Required documents to apply for the loan:

  • Photo
  • PAN card
  • ID proof (Any 1-Driving license/Voter ID/Passport/Aadhar card)
  • Address proof(1-Driving license/Voter ID/Passport/Aadhar card/Utility bills)
  • 3-month bank statement with salary credit
  • Aadhar card (optional)

Is it safe to take loan from cashe?

It is a safe app because it is listed on the google pay app for providing loans and is an RBI-approved-NBFC app, has 10M+ downloads on the play store.

you don’t require any collateral for taking a loan from the app also, so you can apply for the loan without any hesitation.

What is cashe in google pay?

cashe is an online loan provider app that is listed on google pay, which means you can take loans from the cashe app through google pay also I think there is no need to tell about google pay and its brand image in the world.

Basic details

Amount₹1,000 – ₹ 4,00,000
Interest rate30.42% APR (Annual percentage rate)
Tenure3 months – 18 months

The interest rate for the loan from cashe fluctuates ranging from 1.5% to 3% based on the time period of repayment.

  • for 540 days plan or 18 months,- the processing fee is 3% of the amount or 1000 whichever is higher
  • for 180 days plan or 6 months, 270 days or 9 months, 1 year – processing fee is 2% or 1200, preferably higher
  • for 90 days or 3 months,- processing fee is 1.5 % or 500, whichever is higher

Steps to activate the loan

  1. Install the app from the google play store
  2. Log in to the cashe personal loan app by registering through any social media account
  3. Fill the basic details to know your personal loan eligibility
  4. Submit KYC documents and apply for a quick personal loan
  5. Once the application is approved, they transfer the loan amount directly to your bank account

How long does cashe loan approval take?

Once you have submitted all the documents correctly. They will check your application and assure you that you have filled all the details correctly or not.

If you complete your profile and submit all the details correctly then within a specific time period(No time period is mentioned in his app regarding the approval time process) the amount will be transferred directly to your bank account.

Buy now and pay later loan with cashe

In this loan, you will get a 0% interest rate online shopping loan from cashe pay later app on leading online shopping websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Apollo pharmacy, Uber, and many more with easy EMIs.

Key features

  • Avail a range of personal loan
  • personal loan eligibility check
  • personal loans available from ₹ 1,000 to ₹ 4,00,000
  • Quick loan application via online loan app
  • Repayment period of more than 3 months
  • No guarantors or collaterals
  • 100% paperless loan application
  • No foreclosure charges
  • Get instant credit line (credit line is a limit provided by the organization up to which you can avail your loan.)
  • Loan instantly credited to bank account
  • Loan payment through various methods


A person avails of a loan on two conditions, the first one is to meet their personal or family financial dreams and another is when, he is not financially stable and needs some money to fulfill their important requirements such as education loan, medical loan, etc.

It all depends on you, if you are capable to repay your loan through your salary if it is constant then you can apply for the loan if we talk about the app, it is a very reliable app that provides loans to its user over a long period of time.

This app is released in Feb 2016 and afterward continuously served in the finance sector by providing loans.

for more details contact cashe.

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