Hurry up, take advantage of these three banks before 31st, this scheme will not come again

3 high interest fd in bank
FD schemes expiring on 31st December,
Come December 31, special fixed deposit (FD) schemes in some banks will expire. Banks had earlier introduced the scheme for a selective period to provide senior citizens and regular customers an opportunity to get better returns on their investments. However, the banks later revised the deadline a few times keeping in mind the public demand.

Special fixed deposit (FD) schemes of some banks like State Bank of India, IDBI and Indian Bank will have their expiry date. Interested senior citizen investors can put their money in the scheme to get higher interest rate on FD policy.

IDBI Utsav FD for 375 days and 444 days:- IDBI Banks festive offer ‘Utsav FD’ for 375 days and 444 days is available till December 31, 2024.

IDBI Bank offers 7.10 percent interest to General/NRE/NRO people for 375 days and 7.60 percent interest p.a. to senior citizens. It offers 7.25 percent interest for 444 days to general/NRE/NRO people and 7.75 percent interest to senior citizens.

SBI Amrit Kalash (400 Days) FD Scheme:- Last date to apply for 400-day tenure SBI Amrit Kalash Deposit Scheme is December 31, 2024. The scheme offers multiple lifelines to accommodate interested participants.

The 400-day tenure special deposit scheme offers an attractive interest rate of 7.10%. Senior citizens, staff and staff pensioners are eligible for additional interest rates applicable to their respective categories.

IND SUPER 400 DAYS OF INDIAN BANK:- IND SUPER 400 DAYS of Indian Bank is a special term deposit product “IND SUPER 400 DAYS” in the form of FD/MMD offering high interest rate with fixed maturity period of 400 days.

Customers must pay a minimum amount of Rs. 10,000 and a maximum amount of Rs. Can invest less than 2 crores. The rate of interest payable to public is 7.25% p.a, senior citizen 7.75% p.a and super senior citizen 8.00% p.a from 03.11.2024 -31.12.2024.

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