If you have taken gas connection then you get insurance right up to 50 lakh rupees with gas connection

This information is very important for you if you have not got gas connection yet. Today almost every household in India has a gas cylinder connection. But many of us consumers don’t know their rights. Only the gas dealer should inform the customers about their rights regarding gas connection.

But in most cases it is seen that the dealers do not inform the customers while giving the gas connection. That is why consumers themselves should be aware of their rights.

Today, gas cylinders are found in every home in India
Some dealers do not provide connection related information to customers
With gas connection, customer will get Rs 50 lakh insurance

How to get insurance with gas connection?

Let us tell you that people who take LPG gas connection are insured up to 50 lakh rupees. This policy is called LPG insurance cover. This is provided for loss of life and property in any kind of accident caused by gas cylinder. You will be eligible for this policy as soon as you get a gas connection. You get this insurance as soon as you get a new connection.

Know what LPG gas connection insurance covers

Your LPG insurance is taken out when you buy a gas cylinder. You should always take the cylinder after checking the expiry date. Because it is linked to the expiry date of the insurance cylinder. You get an accident insurance of 40 lakh rupees on getting gas connection.

Along with this, if a person dies due to cylinder explosion, then a claim of up to 50 lakh rupees can be made. You do not need to pay any additional monthly premium for this. If an accident occurs with a gas cylinder, the victim’s family members can claim for it.

This is how you can claim for gas connection insurance cover

The customer has to report the accident to his distributor and the nearest police station within 30 days of the accident. A copy of the FIR must be obtained from the police station. Medical receipt, hospital bill, postmortem report and death certificate are also required along with the copy of the FIR lodged in the police station to file a claim.

Companies bear the entire cost of gas connection insurance

Let us tell you that only the person who has the cylinder in his name gets the sum insured. You cannot make anyone a nominee under this policy. The claim will be availed only to those whose cylinder pipes, stoves and regulators are of ISI mark. For claim, you should keep regular checkup of cylinder and stove. Your distributor informs the oil company and the insurance company about the accident. Oil companies like Indian Oil (Indian Oil), HPCL, BPCL bear the entire cost of insurance in case of accidents due to cylinders.

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