If your mobile gets hot then do this remedy

What to do if your mobile gets hot: In today’s time, what to do if a smartphone gets hot has become an important part of a common man’s life. Currently, smartphones are being used in many areas including calling, gaming, internet.

Excessive use of the phone causes the phone to heat up. This post provides complete information related to solving phone heating problem. Is your smartphone heating up? See Cause and Solution These days most of the people like to entertain and do some important work on their smartphones.

Your mobile heats up

Nowadays the use of smartphones is increasing very rapidly. At the same time, in some smartphones, the smartphone heats up due to gaming, video recording or sunlight. If the mobile is hot, then the problem of mobile heating is often faced.

Do this remedy if your mobile heats up Generally, if the smartphone has extra apps, then the problem of mobile heating is likely to be solved due to having more space at that time. At the same time, due to some particular deadly virus, the mobile also heats up or even after exposure to the sun, the mobile heats up.

Common causes of mobile phone overheating
Playing games on the smartphone for a long time causes the mobile to heat up.
If you shoot long videos.
Watching video with increased brightness.
Smartphones have outdated apps.
Due to software update problem in mobile
Charge your mobile with another charger.
Keeping the mobile hotspot on for a long time.
Do not expose the mobile to sunlight. Also, keep the apps updated regularly. Avoid using mobile phones for long periods of time. yours

If the mobile heats up, do this remedy

This should charge the smartphone safely. And most importantly keep your mobile on flight mode when the mobile is hot. So that it cools down as soon as possible
How to fix smartphone overheating problem

Check your mobile phone whether the mobile phone heats up when a particular application is running or the heating is always on. Check heating point and application with normal running condition. Upgrade the mobile phone software/operating system to the latest OS. It can solve the overheating problem of mobile phones.

Do this remedy if your mobile gets hot Many smartphones like Samsung Galaxy series, Nokia smartphones, iPhone and Oppo, Vivo, Mi and China mobile phones are overheating and draining the battery fast. If too many applications are running at the same time.

This is because the processor has to do many things at once. Close all apps and try to run 1 app at a time to avoid mobile phone overheating problem.

What to do if the mobile is hot

If the heating still occurs, then there is some internal hardware problem. Most mobile phone service centers and mobile phone repair experts like me have to replace the phone PCB or TEC board to solve the heating problem. Shorting in PCB is one of the main reasons behind Android smartphone or iPhone overheating and battery draining.

Do this remedy if your mobile gets hot Shorting can be of two types – half-shorting and full-shorting. An Android smartphone or iPhone or any other mobile phone will work when the board is half as small, but it will drain the battery faster and faster.

To fix this problem, the technician will have to check the board for any corroded small parts and remove or replace the phone. Friends, we believe that the method mentioned by us will save your mobile from overheating.

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