In April, the heat removed the gabha, now the heat in me too will burn the rupees or else the house will call the bhukka, know.

In the month of April, the heat made people sweat. April and May are the hottest months in the state. However, this year, the winter season was hot and it rained in the month of March. Due to Weston Disturbance, the state witnessed frequent weather reversals. Due to which the heat is also seeing ups and downs. And due to unseasonal rains, the agricultural crops have also suffered huge damage.

Even after the completion of 20 days of the month of April, the maximum temperature of the state is being recorded at 40 degrees. And now the maximum temperature will decrease by 2 to 3 degrees according to the Meteorological Department. Explaining the reason behind this, he said, moisture from the sea is coming to the state. Due to which cloudy weather is being observed at many places.

Ambalal Kaka, a weather expert, said there are still chances of rain in some areas in April. They said that from April 24 to 26, Gujarat may still experience heat and the temperature may touch around 42 to 43 degrees in some areas of central Gujarat. Apart from this, heat may increase in other cities as well. They have predicted rain again from 27th to 2nd May.

Ambalal Kaka predicted that from May 2 to May 15, the rains may pour their black rain. Thus there are chances of rain in the month of I.

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