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How to take loan from google pay: Hello friends today we are going to get complete information about how to take loan from google pay through this article, Google pay application is a trust application through which you can get loan through this application without any kind of worry. can get

When many people want to take loan from google paper they face a lot of problem because they don’t know the process of how to take loan online from Google pay so today I will guide you through this article to take loan from Google. We will discuss what problems will arise and how you can solve these problems and get a loan.

Today, through this article, we will know how to get a personal loan from online and how to get a loan through all the information, we will know the necessary eligibility, required documents, application process, etc.

What is Google pay?

Google is a product run by the company through which we can do online transactions through online banking or Google pay and we can also make bill payments with the help of this application and get the facilities like mobile recharge, DTH recharge etc. through this Google Pay application of Google. can Google application is used by millions of people all over the world.

Google pay application also provides online loan facility along with online banking facility, through which a person who applies using google pay can get a personal loan of up to five lakh rupees through Google application.

How to get loan from Google Pay
Today we can apply for online loan from Google Pay according to the rules that have been made by the Government of India to take a loan from this article, there are some companies that apply for a loan from Google Paper and get a low personal loan from Google Paper can

If you want to take a personal loan from google paper, then you can get a personal loan from google pay application up to 5 lakh rupees at home by following the steps given below.

First of all if you don’t have google play application in your smartphone then you can go to google play store and download google pay application from there then register it through mobile number.

Then you have to create an account on google pay with your mobile number and Gmail ID, while creating an account on Google pay, it is necessary to create an application account on google only by registering the mobile number which is registered in your bank account.
Then link your bank account details to google through the application.

After successfully creating an account on Google Pay, you will be able to apply for a personal loan with Google Paper.
To take loan from Google pay application first you have to go to business & bill section on google application, then you have to click on explore button there.
After that you will reach the business on google where you will see many options like Food, Travel, Finance, then you have to click on finance button.

Then you will see many trusted companies where you have to select any one company. Such as ZestMoney, Money View, Prefr Loan, Early Salary, etc. provided by the company, select one of the companies.
You have to create an account on this application to apply for a loan.

After that, the necessary documents for taking the loan have to be uploaded.
After successfully uploading the document you have to click on Review Request button.

If you are eligible for the loan, you will receive the required loan in your bank account.

So you can get a loan through Google Pay at home by following the steps given above. Through this process you can apply for a loan. Now let’s know more about the Google pay application.

Eligibility for taking loan from Google pay app

Any citizen who wants to take a loan from Google Application, different eligibility has been set by different company, if you are eligible then you can get loan from Google Application by that company and also following the below mentioned criteria. is necessary.

The applicant should be a citizen of India.
The applicant should be 21 years of age or above.
The applicant must have a source of income.
The applicant should have a good
Documents required for taking loan from Google
To take a personal loan from Google Paper, the following document will be required.

Aadhaar Card PAN Card
Bank account information
A recent passport size photograph
Income certificate.
How much is the eligible loan from Google pay (Loan Amount)
If you are eligible to get from Google, you will be eligible to get a loan ranging from one thousand rupees to five lakh rupees, in which the company and the institution that wants to get the loan must check how many loans are given.

How much interest is charged on a loan at Google? (Loan interest)

Some of the companies offering Google Pay offer zero percent loans, while others charge 1.33 percent interest, and now the interest rates vary based on CIBIL scores, etc.

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