Invest just 500 rupees, become owner of 60 lakhs in no time, start today

Investment Tips: There are dozens of ways in the world to earn and accumulate money. If you ask 100 experts, 99 of them will give you a lesson on hard work, but we are telling you how to get rich without working hard. You just have to maintain patience and discipline. If you follow these two rules correctly from the age of 20, by the time you retire you will have so much money that people will be lining up to ask you how to get rich.

Actually, you just have to deposit Rs 500 per month in mutual fund through SIP. If you never break this trend and for 40 consecutive years every month in SIP Rs. 500 keep investing, then by the time of retirement, a huge amount will be ready. Looking at the amount received on maturity, you will not believe how this much money was generated.

If at the age of 20 you invest Rs. 500, then your investment every year will be Rs. 6000 will be. In this way, you can invest in SIP for 40 years with a total of Rs. 2.40 lakhs will be invested. You also get about 12 percent return per year on this investment, which is easily available in SIP, so your total return till maturity is Rs. 57,01,210 will be. That means your total amount will be Rs 59,41,210.

So you see even a drop of investment done with patience gradually turns into an ocean of money. However, you can’t even believe that an investment of Rs 2.40 lakh will grow to Rs 60 lakh. But, investing through the power of SIP and compound interest turns your small amount into a fund worth millions.

If you invest this much money together…

Also look at Hallmark with calculations. If you invest a lump sum of Rs. 2.40 lakhs, you will get returns beyond your imagination in 40 years. In fact, a lump sum investment of Rs 2.40 lakh will get you a return of Rs 2,20,92,233 at 12 percent. Thus, your total amount on maturity increases to Rs. 2,23,32,233 will be.

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