Invest only 3000 rupees every month , you will not become a millionaire

Invest only 3000 rupees every month

Nowadays everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire, but only a few can achieve it. The reason is financial planning. If you want to improve your future, along with the first job, you should plan financially and start investing. Many people do not start investing after seeing a low salary and wait for the income to grow. This is their biggest mistake.

If you want, you can start investing with just 500 rupees. Not only this, you can also make yourself a millionaire with a small investment of just Rs.3000. In today’s time, there are many such schemes, which give you very good returns and build wealth in a short period of time. Learn how you can add more than 1 crore here.

Best is SIP

In this case, financial expert Shikha says that although there are many options available nowadays in terms of investment, investing in mutual funds through SIP has been showing better results for some time now. If you invest in it for long term you can build wealth. You will pay Rs. 500 can start SIP and as your income increases you can increase your investment in it.

This gives you the benefit of compounding, with an average profit of up to 12 percent seen. Sometimes you get 15 to 20 percent profit if you are lucky. Such a good benefit is currently not available in any scheme.

3000 to 1,05,89,741 rupees

If you deposit even Rs 3000 per month through SIP, you can easily add more than Rs 1 crore. According to the SIP calculator, if you invest Rs 3000 every month continuously for 30 years, you will invest a total of Rs 10,80,000 in 30 years.

But at 12 percent you can get Rs 95,09,741 as interest. In this case, Rs. 95,09,741 and Rs. 10,80,000 including the invested amount, you will get Rs. 1,05,89,741 will be received.

3000 is not difficult

In today’s time a monthly income of 35 to 40 thousand rupees is easily done. In such a situation, investing an amount of Rs 3000 is not a difficult matter. Either way, the financial rule says that you should follow the 50-30-20 rule for investing. According to this rule, you should invest 20 percent of rupees in any situation.

According to this rule, even a person earning 15 thousand can withdraw Rs 3000 per month for investment at the rate of 20 percent. If you earn more, by investing more money, you can make yourself a millionaire in less time.

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