Investing in these 5 stocks will benefit you See 5 stocks that give profit after budget

The domestic stock market was currently bullish in early trade. Thus, the technical chart once again made it clear that the peak days of the stock market are not over yet. In the domestic stock market, there is a lot of bullishness in some stocks which are close to breakout and investing in these stocks can fetch very strong returns in the coming days.
According to analysts, these stocks can give strong returns to its investors in the near future.

Information on these 5 earning

In the Indian share market, if given with luck, one becomes a millionaire very quickly. It is also said that here it is not often that a millionaire becomes a road owner. However, if trading is done carefully, you can earn a lot here (Earning in share market). Today we are telling you about 10 such shares. If you had invested 1-1 lakh rupees in this stock five years ago, today your investment would have increased to 1.7 crore rupees. That is, by investing in these 10 shares, you would have turned from a millionaire to a millionaire in five years (multibagger return).

Earning shares in five years
Among the top gainers in the 5-year period are TCS, Infosys, HDFC Bank and Bajaj Finance. TCS shares have earned Rs 9548 crore in five years while Infosys has earned Rs 5795 crore, HDFC Bank Rs 4108 crore and Bajaj Finance Rs 3614 crore. Adani Transmission, the only company of Adani Group, is included in the top-10 list, which has earned investors 2538 crores in five years.

These shares will benefit HCL Technologies

According to Axis Securities, the stock saw a double bottom breakout at Rs 987 and is building above that level. The technical indicators of this stock are indicating that the stock may see a bullish trend in the coming days.

Canara Bank

Canara Bank shares have witnessed a strong breakout on the weekly time frame and is forming on an inverted head and shoulders pattern. According to Axis Securities, the stock can be bought with a target of Rs 296-308. Also, this stock can be maintained by keeping a stop loss of Rs 238.

Adani Transmission

Among the fastest wealth creator stocks are shares of Adani Transmission. This stock has earned a compounded rate of 102 percent. It is followed by Tenla Playforms, Adani Enterprises and Brightcon Group. The most consistently performing stocks include Adani Enterprises, Coforge, Mindtree and L&T Infotech.


4108 crores in HDFC Bank and 3614 crores in Bajaj Finance. Adani Transmission, the only company of Adani Group, is included in the top-10 list, which has earned investors 2538 crores in five years.

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