LIC Kanyadaan Yojana 2024: Girls will get Rs 51 lakh assistance for education and marriage, invest this much

LIC Kanyadaan Yojana 2024: LIC Kanyadaan Policy is a special scheme launched to save money for marriage and education of daughters. An Indian citizen having a daughter aged 13 to 25 can avail this scheme. Hello friends, the scheme announced by lic will benefit the daughter a lot, she will not have to spend on education and marriage, her expenses will be covered by this scheme.

LIC Kanyadaan Yojana 2024 Gujarat

યોજનાનું નામLIC Kanyadaan Yojana 2024
હેતુદીકરીઓને શિક્ષણ અને લગ્ન માટે સહાય
સહાય રકમ51 લાખ
What is LIC Kanyadaan Yojana?

The main goal of LIC Kanyadaan Yojana is to ensure that your daughter has no shortage of money for her marriage or her higher education. According to this scheme, if you deposit Rs 121 per day i.e. a little over Rs 3600 per month, you will get Rs 27 lakh when your daughter turns 25. If you can increase this amount as per your wish and your fund will also increase on the same basis. Also if you want a 25 year plan, you can also reduce it. According to this plan, you can take any plan between 13 years to 25 years. You have to pay premium for less than 3 years of term. For example, if you take a plan for 25 years, you have to pay only for 22 years. In this, you can pay the premium daily, every month, every 4 months or every 6 months.

Key Benefits:

Financial Security: This scheme provides financial security for the daughter’s future. As the policy matures, the daughter gets the calculated amount which can be used for her education, marriage or other expenses.
Education Expenses: This scheme provides money for daughter’s education expenses. A disability benefit is also available in the policy, which provides money for daughter’s education expenses if the father dies due to an accident.

Marriage Expenses: This scheme provides money for daughter’s wedding expenses. As the policy matures, the daughter gets the calculated amount which can be used for her wedding expenses.
Tax Benefit: There is tax benefit on investing in this scheme. This scheme comes under tax benefit 80C, through which tax deduction can be availed on the amount invested.

Required Documents:
Aadhaar Card of the applicant
Residence proof of the applicant
Applicant’s income certificate
Applicant’s identity certificate
Passport size photograph of the applicant
Application Form

Application Process for LIC Kanyadaan Yojana | LIC Kanyadaan Yojana 2024
Step 1: Contact your nearest LIC office or LIC agent.
Step 2: Get detailed information about LIC Kanyadaan Policy.
Step 3: Choose a plan as per your income.
Step 4: Submit the required documents.
Step 5: Fill the application form.
Step 6: Pay the first premium.

Hello friends, this article has tried to provide you all the information about LIC Kanyadan, hope the mentioned information will be useful for you. Visit to get more schemes and recruitment information.

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