[Live TV] Make your phone TV watch any channel for free with these five apps

Being a smartphone, we have the ability to play multimedia content as we like. In this multimedia content we have music, something we can listen to ourselves on smartphones, movies or, before what this post is about, watch TV for free and in Spanish. Is this possible? The short and simple answer is a simple yes.

The long answer is yes, but by pulling from applications, web pages and even external devices. In this post we will teach you everything you need to be able to watch television on an Android device. It is possible that among the information that we will provide below there is much that you already knew, but not all users have the same knowledge and sure that information is also useful to someone. We leave you with these few and no less tips for watching TV on Android.

How to watch all channels for free

Do you want to access TV channels from around the world? I have what you need! The free WATCHED application, once bundled with the “bundle”, allows you to watch thousands of TV channels in more than 60 different countries for free and without registration.

How to watch Canal Plus 2020 without subscription? If you want to watch Canal+ streaming, all you have to do is download the myCANAL app on your smartphone or tablet or connect to the website through your computer’s web browser.

Watch Free on Airtel TV

Airtel also has its own Live TV app available for both Android and iOS platforms. Airtel TV is also a free live TV app where you have access to more than 300 TV channels in 10 languages.
Like JioTV, Airtel TV also has the same condition that you can access it only with an Airtel SIM card, you cannot enjoy it with any other SIM operator.
Airtel TV is a multi-device accessible live TV app, which means you can access it on 5 devices with just one login ID. On the Airtel TV app, you can also watch trailers of the latest movies.
You can create your personal watch list and access it easily. If you stop watching any show or movie midway, you can continue it from there.

Also watch in Sratim TV app for free

A live TV streaming and movie watching app for Android mobile phones. It is an application designed for users who understand the Hebrew language.

Therefore, it is mainly suitable for users in Israel although it is not country-specific. But the best part is that it is working all over the world.
So, no matter which country you live in it will work for you. But if you are a fan????? ????????? And other programs, then you can also check them out as they offer other languages as well. It is a great app that offers ???? ?????? Android

For users.

However, if you are concerned about data security, you should not use this app. Because it is a third party app developed and designed by an unknown person or company.
So, no more information is available about this app. But those of you who live in Israel can use the app if you wish to do so.

In addition, it offers various content. It means that you along with movies, TV shows, live channels, music and many other programs ?????? ?????? Option right on your smartphone or tablet screen.

That international content and other ?????? ?????? Which you can watch with Hebrew subtitles. So, if you want you can get the application from this page.

Also enjoy free via WizzPlay

Viseplay is also a very powerful application that will allow us to load Vizeplay or M3U playlists. The problems we will find will be that we have to search for listings to make it work, but once found it is worth it. What VisePlay offers us is similar to what sites like Lately.TV offer us, but with the big difference that we will not be dependent on the browser and Flash, which usually means that we will move to slower pages. I have been using VisePlay for a long time and I liked it so much that I even paid for the pro version.

It can also be viewed on Jio TV for free

If you use a SIM from Jio, a company that has made a name for itself in the telecom industry in the last two-three years, then there can be no other app for you to watch online content than Jio TV Live.

Jio TV allows you to watch 600+ channels and 100+ HD channels in 15 different languages. It is the most downloaded live TV app for Android.

Within JioTV, you can watch more than 10 categories like Entertainment, Movies, Sports, Regional, News, Music, Business, Devotional, Lifestyle, Infotainment and Kids as per your choice.

With its download feature, you can record your favorite shows and watch them later. To not miss your favorite shows, you can also set reminders within this app.

7 days old TV programs are also available to watch on JioTV. But the only problem with this app is that it is mandatory to have a Jio SIM in your smartphone. You cannot enjoy it with internet data of any other network.
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