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Loan / Assistance scheme for Medical Graduate Doctors Loan/Assistance Scheme for Medical Graduate Doctors

Loan / assistance scheme for medical graduate doctors in which loan help will be provided by the govt. to students after starting a doctor’s degree / diploma to begin an freelance business. The benefit of this scheme is loan / assistance scheme for socially and educationally backward category, nomadic-free caste medical and regular caste medical graduate doctors.

Loan / assistance scheme for doctors

Dr. P.G. Loan / assistance scheme for Solanki scheduled Caste Medical Graduate Doctors

Purpose of the scheme

Dr. P.G. Solanki scheduled Caste Medical Graduates (MBBS / BSAM / BAMS / BAM (Ayurveda) / BDS (Dental) Homoeopathic Degree / sheepskin (BHMS and DHMS in Diploma) Students at the speed of 4-dimensional Rs. 2,50,000 / – Loan of Rs. one large integer and help of Rs. 25,000 / – and homeopathic Degree / sheepskin (B.H.M.S. HMS and D.H.M.S. in Diploma) loan / help in this scheme

Terms and Conditions

1. Annual income limit should not exceed Rs.1,20,000 / – for rural area and Rs.1,50,000 / – for urban area.

2. The mortal should not use in a very government office or any private organization.

3. One family member can get the benefit of this theme only once.

4. All loan assistance and alternative expenses are going to be recovered from the mortal if the participation of another person is understood.

5. after enabling the loan to the mortal, a monthly installment of Rs. 50,000 / – will be charged for 12 months.

6. The applicant must start the clinic inside vi months of receiving government help.

Document Needed For submitted

No.1 Aadhar card of No.1 applicant

No.2 Example of caste / sub-caste of the mortal

No.3 Example of total annual homeopathy of No.3 family

No.4 Proof of Residence (Any one in all electricity bill / license / lease / election card / ration card)

No.5 Copy of No.5 registration

No.6 Certificate of No.6 Medical Bachelor Degree

No.7 Proof of age of the applicant / college leaving certificate (if any)

No.8 Copy of initial Page of No.8 Bank record / Canceled Check (Name of Applicant)

No.9 Quality Bail Circumcision Sample

No.10 guarantee Sheet

No.11 Example of eligibility for loan repayment

No.12 Agreement (Agreement)

No.13 affidavit

No.14 Basis of Property of No.14 Zamindar-1 (Excerpt from 9/12 – Index)

No.15 Basis of Property of No.15 Zamindar-2 (Excerpt from 9/12 – Index)

No.16 Sample of guaranteed Bail Bonds

Loan / assistance to start assistance independent doctor’s business

Eligibility Criteria

Physician graduates visit the Department of Social Justice and management web site for loan help for law graduates, financial gain limit of interest collectible help for space|country|geographical area|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} and concrete area info.

Standard of assistance

Provision has been created to assist medical graduates of socially and educationally backward, nomadic-free castes to begin Associate in Nursing freelance profession of doctor.

Documents to be submitted

1. Proof of residence of the mortal (Electricity Bill / Election Card / ration card / Home Tax Reach)

2. Example of income

3. Bail of the official (as per Form-A)

4. Quality Bail (As per Form-B)

5. Certified copy of registration certificate / receipt of fee payment received from Medical Council

6. Submission of rent letter for rent of hospital building for one year

7. Giving certificate if expertise of medical line

8. Caste certificate of competent officer

9. photo of the mortal

Important Link

To Apply online – Click Here.

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