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Loans taken through online apps become expensive, bothering both , including the businessman

Rajkot: In Rajkot, taking loans through different apps has become a burden for two people. Even though the loan amount has been repaid, a complaint has been registered with the cyber crime police. In which a cloth merchant got a loan of Rs.1800 instead of one lakh for a loan of Rs.30 thousand through an app. The loan payment was threatened by WhatsApp calls and messages from different numbers. Also, despite having paid the loan, he continued to send messages that the loan was not paid. Not only that, someone had cheated him by pretending to be a false person through communication devices and forcibly transferred Rs.3 thousand. 

In a complaint lodged against persons named Avinash Mishra and Vadicharla Hariharan, Rajnikantbhai Arjanbhai Sanja (retd), who lives in The Courtyard Flat No. 404 in Jivaraj Park near Mawdi and runs a cloth shop, said that he downloaded an app called ‘TrustMoney’ from Play Store as he was in need of money. Curry asked for his Aadhaar card, selfie photo, etc. documents and registered online. Going inside the app, different options were given to get a loan. Out of which he selected ‘My Loan-30,000’, Rs.1800 was deposited in his bank account. 

Then he received a call dated 7/11/r on his WhatsApp number and he said that ‘Rs. 3 thousand of the loan given to you has to be repaid today, if you don’t do it, you are a defaulter to your relatives, you are a loan thief. We will make such messages go viral’, he threatened. Due to which fear Rs.3 thousand out of which Rs.1000 UPI sent by the caller. were filled in the I.D. In which Rs.1000 UPI of Mishra Avinash through Google Pay. on the ID and deposited Rs.1800 in the ID of Vadicharla Hariharan. However, he was receiving WhatsApp calls and messages from different virtual numbers that the loan of Rs.3 thousand was not paid. When he refused to pay more money, he threatened to defame the men. But no relatives were messaged.

In another case, Ravindrabhai Maganbhai Vaghela (33), living in Lalbahadur Shastri Township in Railnagar and marketing a dish cleaning liquid, said in a complaint lodged against the administrators of Coin Case App and two virtual WhatsApp number holders that he downloaded the ‘Coin Case Loan App’. After going into it, choosing the three options of 21 thousand, 13 thousand and 21 thousand loans for online loans, an amount of 34,700 was deposited in his account out of a total loan of 5 thousand. Meanwhile, after threatening him through a virtual number, he also paid Rs. 60 thousand rupees. However, these persons harassed him and his relatives by calling and sending messages through different virtual numbers to extort money. Constable Deepak Pandit filed a case in the cyber crime police station based on his complaint. P.I. K.J. Makwana has conducted further investigation into the matter.

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