Mahila Swavalban Yojana : Under this scheme women will get Rs. Loan assistance up to 2 lakhs

Various women’s schemes are run by the Ministry of Women & Child Development in India. There are many departments functioning in the Gujarat Government under the Central Government. The Women and Child Development Department of the Government of Gujarat runs the Widow Sahay Yojana, Vali Dotti Yojana, Widow Remarriage Yojana etc. Women Economic Development Corporation is functioning through Women and Child Development Department. New schemes, Mahila awareness camp, Mahila Kalyan Mela, Exhibition co-sale and Mahila self-reliance scheme etc. are run by this corporation.

During the International Women’s Year 1975, various problems of world class women and their solutions were given serious consideration. As a result of which Gujarat Women Economic Development Corporation was established in 1981 in Gujarat. Gujarat Women Economic Development Corporation Ltd. Loan schemes for women are run by This department tries to make women self-reliant through Women Empowerment Schemes and government loan schemes.

Mahila Self Reliance Scheme

Mahila Yojana 2023, women’s awareness camps and seminars were organized by Mahila Economic Development Corporation, training and self-employment schemes necessary for their economic and social upliftment were implemented after consultation with women. So that women can lead a self-respecting life in the society by taking advantage of such government assistance and government schemes.

“Mahila Swavalamban Yojana” is run as Mahila Yojana by the Women Economic Development Corporation of Gujarat State. This scheme can also be known as loan scheme. Loans are given to women for self-employment to start new businesses and businesses according to their skills. Subsidy Schemes for Women Subsidy up to 15% will be provided towards the internal project cost.

Objective of Mahila Swalamban Yojana

A memorandum of articles has been issued in the name of Gujarat Mahila Ekshkan Vikas Nigam Limited. In which provisions are made for the economic and social upliftment of women through the Government Scheme for Women. The aim is to provide social and economic development of women by providing necessary facilities, support and training. The aim is to speed up the implementation of women empowerment schemes and activities with the help of voluntary organizations working in the social sector and benefit from government schemes for women.

Loans are provided for economic activity under Mahila Yojana Gujarat. The main objective of this scheme is to help economic development of rural and urban women of families living below poverty line. Mahila Swavalamban Yojana is a loan provided by banks for the economic activity and development of self-reliant women.

Eligibility of Mahila Swalamban Yojana

The beneficiary woman should be a citizen of Gujarat.
Age of beneficiary should be 21 to 50 years.
Female applicant’s family income should be upto 1,20,000 (one lakh twenty thousand) in rural areas.
The family income of urban women beneficiaries should be up to 1,50,000/- (one and a half lakh).

Benefit of Mahila Swavalman Yojana

Under Mahila Swavalamban Yojana, if women need money for new business, business or employment purpose, they are given loans by banks. Loans are given up to Rupees 2,00,000/- (two lakhs) by the bank. In which a subsidy is given on the project for which the woman has taken a loan. This subsidy is available up to 15% on the project loan or a maximum of Rs 30,000/- whichever is lower.

Required document

Ration card of the beneficiary
aadhar card
Example of income
An example of caste
An example of age
Fixed price list of machinery, furniture, raw materials
Experience Certificate / Study Certificate
Details mentioned in the form (in duplicate) have to be filled.

Form for application

To avail this scheme, free application form will be available from the office of the District Women and Child Officer at the district level. As this application form is with register number, it has to be collected from the office in person.

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