Namo Saraswati Vigyan Sadhana Yojana. Namo saraswati vigyan sadhana yojana

We know that many efforts are being made by the government to promote education in Gujarat. Many plans have been released for this earlier. There are Whalei Daughter Scheme, Namo Lakshmi Yojana etc. Similarly, a new plan has been released. The name of this scheme is “Namo Saraswati Vigyan Sadhana Yojana”. All the eligible students will get the benefit.

The purpose of this scheme is to benefit students for higher education. So 25,000 will be assisted for better studies of students through “Namo Saraswati Vigyan Sadhana Yojana”. In which the students studying in the field of science will be given the benefit of this scheme. The main purpose of this scheme is to move on in the field of science and achieve success.

Namo Saraswati Vigyan Sadhana Yojana

We know that the importance of science and technology has increased greatly in the modern age. The “Namo Saraswati Science Sadhana Yojana” has been issued by the government for the purpose of the purpose of which the students are more connected with science. We will know what benefits are available in this scheme, who can benefit, how to apply, as follows.

Important Point of Namo Saraswati Vigyan Sadhana Yojana

યોજનાનું નામ નમો સરસ્વતી વિજ્ઞાન સાધના યોજના
આર્ટીકલની ભાષાગુજરાતી 
યોજનાનો મુખ્ય હેતુવિજ્ઞાનપ્રવાહમાં ભણતા વિદ્યાર્થિઓને સહાય આપવામાં આવશે.
લાભ લેવા માટેની પાત્રતાલાભાર્થીએ ધોરણ-10 માં 50% કે તેથી વધુ ગુણ મેળવવાનાં રહેશે.
લાભાર્થીને મળતી કુલ સહાયધોરણ 11 અને ધોરણ 12 માં ભણતા વિદ્યાર્થીનીઓને 25,000 ની સહાય આપવામાં આવશે.
અરજીની પ્રક્રિયાવિદ્યાર્થિઓને અરજીની પ્રક્રિયા શાળામાંથી કરવામાં આવશે.
ઓફિશિયલ વેબસાઈટ
Namo Saraswati Vigyan Sadhana Yojana Main Purpose 

The main objective of this scheme is to get maximum number of students to choose science stream of study and progress in it. As per the objective of “Namo Saraswati Vigyan Sadhana Yojana” students are interested in science. Hence the benefits are given to the students in this scheme.

 Namo Saraswati Vigyan Sadhana Yojana Eligibility 

There are certain eligibility criteria for this scheme, which are as follows.

To avail the benefit in “Namo Saraswati Vigyan Sadhana Yojana” the beneficiary must first secure 50% or more marks in class-10th.
Then the beneficiaries have to choose science stream in class-11 and class-12.
The annual income of the beneficiary’s family should be less than 6 lakhs.
All the eligible students can avail this scheme.

Assistance available to beneficiaries
A total of 25,000 will be given to the beneficiaries in class-11 and class-12 while taking advantage of this scheme.
10,000 in class 11 and 15,000 in class 12 for a total of 25,000 will be given to students studying in science stream under this scheme.
Thus, a total of 20,000 will be paid to the beneficiaries in class-11 and class-12. Also the remaining 5,000 will be given after the board exam.

Namo Saraswati Vigyan Sadhana Yojana Apply Process

The process for this scheme has to be done by the school management.

A portal called “Namo Saraswati” will be built for this scheme.
The amount of assistance available to the beneficiary will be deposited in the student’s guardian’s bank account.
Registration of students studying in higher secondary science stream will be investigated. Thereafter, the list of eligible students will be uploaded on “Namo Saraswati” Portal.
The responsibility of regular attendance of the beneficiary shall be that of the school.

Which will be investigated without informing the school. In which the beneficiary’s attendance is not 80%, the assistance will be stopped.
Repeater students will benefit from this assistance for the duration of their studies.
If the student is availing any other scholarship, he/she will also be eligible for this scheme.

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