Portable Geyser : Buy today this tiny geyser will heat water in a minute

Portable Geyser

Portable Water Heater: Find out about a portable water heater today, the price of which will compel you to buy it. Your work will be done in just a thousand rupees. Amazon Great Indian Festival is selling this cheap portable water heater

Portable Geyser: Cold has started in India. Mornings and nights have begun to get bitterly cold. Gone are the days of hot water baths. In this way, people opt for geysers that heat water easily, instead of heating water on gas. Currently, the price of geyser is skyrocketing. As soon as the cold comes, the prices of geysers also increase. It is not easy for every family to build an expensive geyser. So now portable water heaters have also come in the market. The price of which is so low that you will rush to buy it now.

This portable geyser is available for less than a thousand rupees. Amazon Great Indian Festival Portable Water Heaters are very cheap. So find out now…

The price of CAPITAL 1L instant portable water heater geyser is 2050 rupees. But it is currently available in Diwali sale in Amazon for Rs 949 only. Also, a coupon of 31 rupees is available on it. By applying which the price of geyser will be reduced. This price is without MCB. If you want to buy a heater with MCB then it is priced at 1349.

Strong heater

This is a strong heater. Which has a cut off feature. It will automatically shut off after the water is heated. Which comes with ABS body. In simple terms, hard plastic is used in it. So it does not spoil easily. There will be no problem of water leakage. It is very portable, instant and compact. Talking about electricity, it saves electricity up to 20 percent.

Do not feel the current

Most portable water heaters have problems with current. But this heater is currentproof and the heater is also resistive. It has green and red light indicators. If the water gets heated in it, a red light will appear. It will heat the water in few seconds.

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