Post office has given good news to farmers: You will get a return of 35 lakh rupees on an investment of only 50 See information

Gram Suraksha Yojana : Post office keeps coming up with many new schemes and most of its schemes are well liked by people, as they give good profit to people. Today we are telling you about a special scheme of such post office. This scheme has come especially for the villagers. Its name is Post Office Gram Suraksha Yojana.

This scheme is very famous. It helps rural people economically and socially. The most important thing is that you have to invest only 50 rupees per day and you will get great returns on it. Gram Suraksha Yojana is run under Gramin Postal Life Insurance Scheme of Post Office. In this scheme you can get Rs 35,00,000 on maturity by investing Rs 50 per day. The scheme is specially designed for the rural population.

Village Security Scheme 2023

Features of Gram Suraksha Yojana
You should be between 19 years to 55 years of age to invest in this scheme. Along with this you must have Indian citizenship. By investing in this scheme you will get a minimum sum assured of 10 thousand rupees. A maximum sum assured of Rs.10 lakh will be available.

Under this plan, you can invest every month, three months, 6 months or annually.

If you missed paying the premium, in such a situation you can pay the premium within 30 days.

In this scheme, the investor gets loan facility. You can avail the loan facility after paying the premium for 4 years after purchasing the policy.

Gram Suraksha Yojana Eligibility

Any Indian citizen between the age of 19 to 55 years can invest in this scheme. Under this scheme, the minimum sum assured can range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 10 lakh. The premium of this scheme can be paid on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. You also get a grace period of 30 days for premium payment.

You can also take a loan against this scheme. You can also surrender after 3 years to take this scheme, but in this case you will not get any benefit. Suppose a person invests in this scheme at the age of 19 and earns, if he buys a policy of 10 lakhs, his monthly premium for 55 years is Rs 1515, for 58 years 1463 and for 60 years Rs 1411.

Eligibility for Gram Suraksha Yojana

Age: The age of the person should be between 19 to 55 years.
Citizenship: One must be a citizen of India.
These are the basic requirements to participate in this scheme. If you meet these criteria, you can consider investing in Gram Suraksha Yojana for a safe and profitable savings option.

Gram Suraksha Yojana feature

In the plan you can earn good profit without any risk. In this scheme, you can invest a small amount and deposit a large amount. The investment amount in this scheme is so low that even a farmer living in a village can easily take advantage of it. Apart from this, the customer can choose the option of surrendering the policy after 3 years. However, in that case it will be of no use. The biggest feature of the policy is the bonus offered by India Post.

Benefit of the scheme

If a person buys 10 lakh gram security at the age of 19, the monthly premium for 55 years will be Rs 1,515, for 58 years Rs 1,463 and for 60 years Rs 1,411. The policy buyer will get a maturity benefit of Rs 31.60 lakh for 55 years and Rs 33.40 lakh for 58 years. Maturity benefit for 60 years will be Rs 34.60 lakh.

For more information

For more information about this scheme you can visit your local post office. Customers can get information on toll free number 1800 180 5232/155232 or visit the official website

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