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RapidPaisa Loan App 2023 : How to get an Instant Loan from an App?

RapidPaisa Loan App 2023: How to get an Instant Loan from an App? Rapidpaisa is a very easy way of getting a loan without a lot of documentation and paperwork. The process is completely online and hassle-free. Anyone eligible can take the loan without any worries. The loan is transferred within minutes into your account and there isn’t any need for income as well. In this article, we have mentioned the features, eligibility and other details about RapidPaisa Loan.

RapidPaisa Loan App

RapidPaisa is a very creative and innovative idea and we must appreciate it. Many failed to take personal loans because of income proof. As they provide loans up to 10,000 only, they don’t ask for income or other documents. Now anyone can take a loan and can have access to all the money. There is a one-time processing fee which is not a big deal.

The interest rate of the RapidPaisa loan is also much less than any other company or bank. The customer service of the application is also phenomenal and it provides a lot of comfort to the customers. The 24*7 service is like a cherry on top of the cake.

Official Website
Interest rateThe interest rate is 12% per annum
Processing feeThe processing fee starts from Rs. 349/- only.
FeaturesThe app provides a lot of comfort with a small personal loan. You can take a loan without a lot of documentation and paperwork. The loan amount is quite small, but the interest rate is also very less, as compared to others 
Eligibility criteriaYou need to be an Indian to take the loan.
Your age must have to be more than 18 years or you need to be an adult
Application process (Online/Offline)You can submit and apply for the loan either from the Website or from the online application. You can fill the form and submit all the relevant documents within minutes
Documents RequiredThere are very few documents required like, Aadhaar card, pan card, and a few others, according to the need of individual

Eligibility criteria

There are some eligibility criteria available, which you must follow at my cost if you want to take the loan from the RapidPaisa app. Although there aren’t a lot of eligibility criteria, so you can rest assured of it. It won’t take a lot of time to read all the details and confirm everything before taking the loan. The eligibility criteria for a personal loan from Rapidpaisa is mentioned below:

  • You need to be a citizen of India if you want to take a loan from the RapidPaisa app. 
  • You can either be a salaried or a self employed or even an unemployed person to take the loan.
  • You just need to be an adult to take the loan. 
  • You need to have some I’d cards which show your reality to everyone. As a personal loan doesn’t ask for any collateral, it’s necessary to have some eligibility criteria to check the customers. 

Documents required

There are some documents, which you need to submit before taking a personal loan. Although the documents required are very minimal and they are quite common as well. So the documents required to take a loan from the RapidPaisa app is:

  • Identity proof, for that you can either use Aadhaar card, pan card, voter ID card, or many others.
  • Address proof, for which you can use either Aadhaar card or driving license or any other proper card. 
  • You also need to show the details of your bank account, and for that you need to have an account In bank. 

Application process (Online/Offline)

The application process for a personal loan from Rapidpaisa is very fast and secure as well. It is protected by a 64-bit safety chip. It gives its customers a great deal of satisfaction. The process is also very fast and everything happens in a flash. You can get your loan in just 5 minutes after a successful application. 

The process to make a successful personal loan from the Rapid Paisa app is mentioned below:

Step I – first of all you need to download the application either from the play store or from its official website. 

Step II – then you need to register on the application and make a profile on it. Once you show all the details about you to the app, your account will be submitted. 

Step III – in this step, you need to fill the application form and choose the loan amount from the list. You also need to choose the tenure in which you want to repay the loan. 

Step IV – once the form filling is over, you can submit the scanned image of all the documents. 

Step V – your form and all the documents will be placed under surveillance for some time and once they are approved, your loan amount will be credited within 5 minutes. 

Frequently asked questions

Why choose Rapidpaisa App?

It is easy to apply personal loan app, made in India. They provide Loans without any upfront or membership fees.

Do I need to submit documents every time I have to take out a loan? 

– No, once you have submitted your documents, you don’t need to submit them anymore. You can take out a loan as many times as you want.

Can I take two loans at a time, without paying the previous debt? 

– No, you can’t take two loans at a time, but you can take loans consequently after paying the debt previous to the app. 

What are the minimum and maximum periods for repayment?

The minimum and maximum period for repayment: 61 – 365 days, respectively in RapidPaisa Loan App.

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