RBI New Guidelines 2023 : ₹2000 note stopped, now new ₹1000 note started! Information given by RBI

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rbi new guidelines 2023 in gujarati : Numerous zero value currency notes are in circulation. Government of India has not yet issued an official procedure for handling ₹2000 notes. However, you can deposit it in any local bank branch after completing certain formalities. The question remains as to whether any income tax will be levied on the deposit of these notes. Rest assured, we will clarify this matter in this post. So, hold on to your remaining ₹ 2000 notes without fear. In addition, we will provide you with information about the upcoming release of ₹ 1000 notes.

New notes of Rs1000 issued

With the possible ban of 2000 notes, there are concerns that we will be left with only ₹500 notes. However, sources suggest that the Indian government is preparing to launch new ₹1000 notes in the near future. Despite speculations on social media platforms, no official announcement has been made regarding the release of these notes. It is anticipated that they may be released by 8:00 pm to facilitate transactions for consumers and large businessmen. Concrete evidence is yet to emerge.

What will be the problem of discontinuation of ₹2000 note? ]
Let us discuss the possible consequences of demonetisation of ₹2000 notes. It has been observed that this can lead to various problems. According to reports, people may face difficulty in making transactions worth ₹100000, as earlier only 50 notes of ₹2000 were needed which were easy to handle and count. However, now one needs to do 200 transactions with a ₹500 note, which is inconvenient. As a result, in the past the ₹2000 note was considered the preferred choice for transactions, but now people are thinking otherwise.

It is a never-ending task to note here that this social media platform can be compared to cancer. A solution is on the horizon, with rumors of new ₹ 1000 notes coming soon. Before demonetisation, ₹ 1000 notes were commonly seen in the market, leading to speculation of their return.

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