RTE Gujarat Admission Process 2024 | RTE Gujarat Admission 2024

The admission process of children through RTE (Right To Education) Gujarat Admission has been started. Hence, the information regarding admission process of children during the new academic year of Gujarat state has been released. In which children are given a great opportunity to get primary education.

RTE Gujarat Admission 2024 works for the educational development of children. Currently, the process for children getting admission in class-1 through RTE Gujarat Admission has been started. Under this scheme, children will be given free education from class-1 to class-8. Besides, the students will also be given scholarships. We will know more about this admission process below.

Highlight Point

યોજનાનું નામRTE Gujarat Admission 2024
કોણ લાભ લઇ શકે છે?ધોરણ-1 માં પ્રવેશ મેળવનાર વિદ્યાર્થીઓ
લાભાર્થીની પાત્રતાકુટુંબની વાર્ષિક આવક 1,00,000 થી ઓછી હોવી જોઇએ.
વય મર્યાદાબાળકની વય 6 વર્ષ હોવી જોઇએ.
અરજીની પ્રક્રિયાઓનલાઇન
ઓફિશીયલ વેબસાઇટ
RTE Gujarat Admission Purpose

The main purpose of RTE Gujarat Admission 2024 is for students to get admission in class-1. Students can get free studies under this scheme. In which students will also get the benefit of scholarship. According to this scheme, students and parents will get a lot of help. So that children can study for free and also get financial assistance.

 RTE Gujarat Admission 2024 Eligibility

Under RTE Gujarat Admission 2024, the age of the student should be up to 6 years.
The annual income of the guardian of the beneficiary should be less than 1,00,000.
Beneficiary should be a resident of Gujarat state.

RTE Gujarat 2024     Documents

Aadhaar card of the parent
Proof of residence
Example of income
Caste Certificate
birth certificate
Passport size photograph of the child

RTE Gujarat 2024 Apply Online

First of all the beneficiary has to visit the official website of RTE Gujarat 2024

Now, the beneficiary has to fill the form online.
In this form, the parent has to fill the name, Aadhaar card and other requested details.

Now, you have to select your school in google map.
Submit your application after filling the form.
Finally, take a printout of your application.
Your form has been successfully filled.

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