Sarasvati Sadhana Cycle Yojana 2024 

Different departments have been created by the government to benefit different sections in the state. I-Khedoot portal has been created by the government to provide benefits to the farmers. e-Samaj Kalyan Portal is created to benefit the weaker sections of the society. The Department of Social Justice and Empowerment provides various assistance to the economically backward sections of the society. In which Sarasvati Sadhana Cycle Yojana 2024 is a very important scheme. Let’s get complete information about who can benefit from Saraswati Sadhana Cycle Yojana?, how to get it.

Sarasvati Sadhana Cycle Yojana 2024

The benefit of Saraswati Sadhana Yojana 2024 is given to students studying in class-8. Scheduled caste girls studying in class-9 are given free bicycles. Saraswati Sadhana Yojana code on website is BCK-6. In this scheme, the girl child of the family whose name is in the Scheduled Caste BPL List is benefited.

યોજનાનું નામસરસ્વતી સાધના સાયકલ યોજના
લાભોમફત સાયકલ વિતરણ કરવામાં આવશે.
લાભાર્થીઓ14 થી 18 વર્ષની વય જૂથની છોકરીઓ
મુખ્ય ઉદ્દેશ્યઅનુસૂચિત જાતિ કેટેગરીની અને ધોરણ- 9 માં અભ્યાસ કરતી છોકરીને પ્રોત્સાહન અને સરકાર
સત્તાવાર વેબ પૃષ્ઠ
Who will benefit from the scheme?

The eligibility of who will get the benefit of this scheme is determined. Which are as follows.

The beneficiary girl should be of scheduled caste.
The benefit of Saraswati Sadhana Yojana will be given to the daughters of Gujarat state.
Girls currently studying in class-9 will be benefited.
The annual income of the bride’s parents residing in rural areas should not exceed Rs 6,0,000.
The annual income of the parents of the bride residing in urban areas should not exceed Rs 6,0,000.

Objective of Saraswati Sadhana Yojana
The objective of this scheme is to promote the education of girls. The main objective is to encourage girls studying in Scheduled Caste Class-9 in the state.

Which office to contact to avail Sarasvati Sadhana Cycle Yojana benefit?
To avail the benefit of this scheme the girl should contact the principal of the school in which she is studying. Which the principals of that school have to propose online on the Digital Gujarat portal. Apart from this one has to visit the office of the concerned District Deputy Director (AJAC) for more information and implementation office.

Benefits of Gujarat Saraswati Sadhana Yojana 2024

Under this scheme, various benefits are provided to the daughters of the state. Which are as follows.

With this scheme, many girls in the state drop out after standard-8, they will get an opportunity to pursue further studies.
Girls who get admission in class-9 will be given a bicycle to go to school.

Saraswati Sadhana Yojana will motivate many girl students to take admission in class-9 and continue their studies.
This scheme will increase the confidence of many female students.
Due to this scheme, girls will start going to school, which will increase the education rate in the state.

What are the benefits of Saraswati Cycle Sadhana Yojana?
Under this scheme, bicycle assistance is given to daughters as assistance.

What evidence is needed to avail the scheme?
Some proofs are required to avail this scheme. Which are as follows.

Gender pattern of girls
Income Certificate
Proof of studying in class-9
Access to school fees

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1સરસ્વતી સાધના સાયકલ યોજના
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