Tar Fencing Yojana 2023 | What is wire fencing scheme around the field for crop protection purpose?

Gujarat government has made many schemes for farmers. Tractor Assistance Scheme, Tarpaulin Assistance Schemes etc. have been implemented by the State Government. Such Tar Fencing schemes for farmers are placed online on ikhedut portal. Recently an important decision has been taken in the interest of farmers. Following this decision, the benefits of the state will be available to the farmers. Tar Fencing Yojana 2023 News is also recently given by Agriculture Department. Now one can also take advantage of the wire fencing scheme to protect the crops in their farm.

Under this scheme, a plan is made to protect the agricultural produce of farmers from the harmful effects of wild animals and cattle. The Wire Fencing Scheme 2023 has been implemented by the Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation, Government of Gujarat. The scheme which has undergone significant changes since its inception in 2005. It aims to increase its effectiveness and expand its reach to support more farmers. With the aim of increasing farmers’ income, the Gujarat government is actively involved in achieving this goal.

Farmers can now avail the Kantala wire fencing scheme for 2 hectares area instead of 5 hectares of land. Earlier labor was available for boring wire fencing in minimum 5 hectare area. After the change in this scheme, now maximum two hectare area can be availed of the scheme. The hectare limit of the scheme has been reduced keeping in mind the marginal and small farmers.

 Important Point

યોજનાનું નામTar Fencing Yojana
આર્ટીકલની ભાષાગુજરાતી અને અંગ્રેજી
યોજનાનો ઉદ્દેશખેડૂતોને સબસીડી દ્વારા જમીનના ફરતે પાક રક્ષણ હેતુ ફેન્‍સીંગ તાર સહાય
લાભાર્થીગુજરાતના ખેડૂતો
સહાયની રકમ– આ અગાઉ 5 હેકટર જમીનમાં લાભ મળતો હતો, હવે માત્ર 2 હેકટર જમીન વિસ્તાર માટે પણ કંટાળા તાર ફેનસિંગ યોજનાનો લાભ લઈ શકાશે. – જમીનના કલસ્ટર અનુસાર લાભાર્થીઓના જૂથની અરજીઓ અંગેરનીંગ મીટર દીઠ રૂપિયા 200/- સહાય મળશે.- ખરેખર થનાર ખર્ચના 50% બેમાંથી જે ઓછું હોય તે સહાય મંજુર થશે.
માન્ય વેબસાઈટ  
અરજી કેવી રીતે કરવીIkhedut Online Application Steps
Purpose of wire fencing scheme
Many schemes have been made for the farmers of the state. The plan to build fencing around the farm is a plan for 2023 farmers only. The aim of the wire fencing scheme is to protect farmers’ crops from wild boars, pigs and water buffaloes, deer, so as to reduce the damage caused to standing crops by these animals.

Benefits of Wire Fencing Scheme
Under this scheme earlier benefits were available in 5 hectares of land, now only 2 hectares of land area can be availed of Kantala wire fencing scheme. Assistance of Rs 200/- per meter will be given on applications of groups of beneficiaries according to cluster of land. 50% of the actual expenditure incurred whichever is lower will be sanctioned.

Eligibility for Tar Fencing Yojana
The application of individual farmers or groups of farmers to this scheme will be evaluated at present. In the review process the details of the farmer or farmer group are evaluated. This includes relevant information about their application and their bank financial account.

Citizens of Gujarat will benefit from this scheme.
Farmers will benefit from this scheme.
Farmers with 2 hectare land area will get benefit.
Aadhaar card holders will get benefit.
Farmers having area of 7/12 and 8-A will get benefit.

Documents required to avail wire fencing scheme
To avail the benefit of this scheme, the farmers have to provide the following documents.

Undertaking form in case of joint holder with signed copy of online application
Copy of 7/12, 8-A or copy of forest rights letter
Copy of bank passbook or canceled cheque
Copy of Aadhaar Card
Affidavit and Self-Declaration Form
Map with demarcation

Specification for Wire Fencing Scheme 2023
The specifications of wire fencing and goods-materials are given below as per the scheme of construction of wire fencing around the field for crop protection purpose.

The dimensions of the pit for erecting the pillars should be 0.40 m width * 0.40 m length * 0.60 m depth.
The size of the pier should be 2.50 m depth * 0.10 m thickness * 0.10 m width.
The maximum distance between two pillars should be 3.00 m.
Every 15.00 meters supporting pillars shall be placed on both sides, their measurement/size shall be as per the original pillar.
The foundation of the pillar has to be filled with cement concrete.
The minimum diameter of line wire and point wire for barbed wire shall be 2.50 mm.
Barbed wire shall be ISI marked, galvanized, double wire and GI coated.
To prevent animals from entering the farm from below the fence, the wire fence design can optionally have iron mesh at the bottom.
The iron mesh should also be pressed into the soil to a suitable depth. The height of the mesh can be kept up to 0.92 m from the ground level and the diameter of mesh wire 3.2 mm and mesh size 100 mm * 100 mm.
As an alternative to wire fencing, a wall of at least second grade balustrade can be constructed. The depth of the wall into the soil should be 0.6 m * width 0.23 m * height 2.0 m above ground level.
While Bela size 0.18 * width 0.23 * length 0.38 m can be kept with or without void.

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